Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 12/9/04


Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 12/9/04

By Danielle

Mimi: (about Jan) That chick is psycho! I have to find a way out of here before she kills me. (to the Kewpie doll) Well, if you got any ideas, I'm open to suggestions.

Shawn-d: (To Belle when he realizes that she isnít breathing) Come on, baby. I am not gonna lose you.

Mimi: (to Jan) As soon as Belle and Shawn get here, you're going down. They're gonna get back together, and you, my dear, are gonna live unhappily ever after.

Julie: (to Hope after Hope insists that her and Bo will continue to love each other after finding Georgia) Oh, my darling girl, if you really do believe that, you're a fool.

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