Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 12/7/04


Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 12/7/04

By Danielle

Jack: (to Tony) Well, that's a waste of time. There's no ceremony that's going to clean the blood off that sword.

Tony: Jack frost, bad news. You can't twitch your nose and fly up the chimney like good old St. Nick. There's no form of escaping this castle, but I promise you, you will be home for Christmas in your dreams.

Judge: (to Sami) I'm amazed that your legal husband was going to witness your wedding. That's a first in my chamber. One for the books.

Billie: (to Bo) I brought that to Georgia's grave the other night when I still thought she was buried there. It was my way of saying goodbye. Now maybe it'll be my way of saying hello.

Belle's voice: It's not like Jan locked him in a room, put a gun to his head, and forced him to say he'd marry her. Mimi: Oh, my god. That's exactly what happened.

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