Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 12/6/04


Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 12/6/04

By Danielle

Brady: Chloe, please, you know I will always love you. And you're always beautiful to me... no matter what.

Brady: Nicole, it's already happened. Think about it -- the first time we made love, tonight in the shower... if I can't give myself to you -- mind, body, and soul -- I just don't think we should be together.

Hope: (to Jennifer) The DiMera's couldn't come between us, and Billie Reed certainly is not going to, either.

Billie: I don't need your permission, Bo. I'm I.S.A. You're not. You have no official jurisdiction outside of Salem. Technically, I outrank you.

Brandon: (to Celeste) So, you're dying of suspense, huh? Well, if you were really psychic you should already know.

Lucas: Speak up, Sami. Tell him which man you're gonna marry.

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