Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 11/18/04


Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 11/18/04

By Danielle

Hope: (to Bo) You know what? I hate to mention the mountain of mail we need to go through, but there's a lot of bills that -- you know, you would think that being presumed dead would have stopped the mail from coming.

Sami: (to Lucas) I think I have a right to be upset. My parents just died -- again.

Bonnie: (to Maggie) Vows that said "till death do us part," and you parted.

Lexie: (to Brandon) But Sami Brady is as resilient as a cockroach.

Doug: (upon seeing Julie all dressed up) If virtue accompanies beauty, it is the heart's paradise.

Eugenia: (after Maggie collapses to the floor upon seeing Alice's Bar for the first time) I only asked her if she had a reservation. Hope: Trust me, she's got reservations.

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