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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


It was good to watch Jack and JJ work together to find Jennifer. They were willing to put their differences aside and find Jennifer. Itís too bad that they didnít do that sooner. It happened too late, but it was nice to see that happen with this storyline. We didnít understand the point of dragging out Jackís amnesia storyline, but it did give the family a chance to work together.

How many times do we have to see Eric continue to be a jerk? He was more than willing to rub Sarahís nose in the fact that he was with Nicole. She suggested that she get Holly by herself (sheís such a saint), but he quickly assumed that Sarah would be okay with him joining her. If you were dumped out of the blue by someone, would you want the person to show up where youíre staying with the person you were dumped for? We didnít think so either. Eric is blinded by his so called love for Nicole that he doesnít even think about anyone elseís feelings but hers as well as his.

Eric also proved that he was a jack a** when he called himself trying to defend Sarah. He tried to be her hero when she wasnít around. What made him think that made him look any better? Heís a despicable piece of crap for doing that since he broke her heart and had the nerve to try and defend her honor. He doesnít get the right to do that and think heís still the good one. Itís bad that Xander looks like the good one while Eric looks like a scumbag.

Speaking of Sarah, she was more than willing to end her pregnancy because Eric moved on with his life. She obviously forgot that the baby was hers as well as his. She could have raised her baby without Eric. She didnít have to be with Eric to have the baby. She was more than capable of raising the child on her own. Eric wouldnít have left Nicole for her so why would she miss her chance at being a mother just because of him?

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Page updated 9/23/19

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