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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


Hope proved that she is so disloyal. She had no problem throwing her granddaughter under the bus in order to save Ben. She proved once and for all who really matters to her. She doesnít care about Claire at all. She only cares about Ciara and what she wants. Hope had no problem telling Eve that she was the one who set the fires. Why would she want to make sure Claire got in trouble instead of Ben? We are so sick and tired of the writers trying so hard to make Ben look like he walks on water while everyone else looks bad. Claire was basically a good girl once upon a time, but that quickly changed in order for Ben to look better. The writers will stop at nothing to destroy every character in order to push for him to look like a saint. Hope didnít have any problem throwing Claire under the bus with Eve. She could have said that he didnít do it. She didnít have to make sure that Claire went down for it. Hope forgot that she spent the better part of the year trying to nail Ben to the wall for the fire. All of a sudden she decides to be the one who helps him even at the expense of her granddaughter. The writers want us all to root for Ben so badly. We arenít all convinced that heís the second coming. He was standing around as if he was so innocent. Hope had the gall to tell Eve that Claire tried to kill three people. Are we supposed to forget that he actually did kill three people?

Why are we supposed to think that Eve is the villain when it concerns Ben? She didnít want to drop the charges against him for the fires so she looked like a b*tch. She had every right to feel that way about him. She had to look unreasonable about it when she had a reason to feel that way. The man killed her daughter in cold blood and everyone is expecting her to just forget about it. For those of you who think she doesnít have a right to feel that way because of what she did to Paige, she was still her daughter. She should be upset that she lost her. Sami and Marlena argued all of the time. Sami was cruel to Marlena after she found her with John. Would Marlena be expected to wish death on her daughter? Why should Eve be any different? Ciara listened to the message that Eve left for Claire. Everyone will be fixated on the fact that Eve knew about Claire. Is that supposed to change the fact that Ben is a killer? We arenít so fooled by the fact that the writers are pushing for him to be such a great guy without proper redemption the way everyone else seems to be.

Wasnít it convenient how Rafe had to have sex with Carrie? He ended up with another woman after he and Hope broke up. He obviously doesnít like to be alone for long. He had to have a one-night stand with Carrie. Hope already had a mental affair with Ted, but heís the one in the wrong because he slept with Carrie. Hope wouldnít dare do that to Rafe. She always has to look like a victim even when sheís the guilty one. If she werenít so obsessed with Ben, she might still be married. Anyway, Hope has to look like the poor little victim as far as Rafe is concerned. We would have rather seen Hope mess up and get together with Ted first, but that wasnít going to happen.


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Page updated 7/8/19

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