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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl


Claire must be stronger than she looks. She was able to somehow knock Tripp out without him putting up a fight at all. He’s taller than her and he outweighs her. He didn’t try to fight her off. Would anyone just let someone put a blade to your throat and not do anything about it? She also managed to knock Ciara out without her putting up a fight. We shouldn’t really be surprised by that because Ciara just stood there while Claire put the knife to Tripp’s throat. She didn’t try to stop it at all. We were waiting for a flashback to find out how Claire was able to take them both down without them doing anything at all. The two of them could have fought them off, but they didn’t even try. They allowed someone who is as big as a pen get the drop on them.

We might be in the minority, but we can definitely understand the temptation Claire had to kill Ciara. She was so smug considering she was the one tied to a bed. She expected Claire to just let her go after she tricked her into confessing to setting the fires. Eve tipped her off and she knew what she and Tripp were doing to her. Ciara wasn’t in a position to be so superior to her, but she did it anyway. Ciara was acting high and mighty considering Claire wanted to kill her.

Speaking of Claire killing Ciara, why did she take so long to do it? Claire stood near her bed and kept talking to her. Why did she have to waste time doing that? She had the opportunity to set the fire, but she stood by Ciara and talked to her. If you hated someone and wanted the person dead, would you stand there and talk to the person? We wouldn’t do it either. She took the time to tie her to a bed and hold a knife to her only to talk instead of doing anything.

We’ve talked about Claire and Ciara enough. Are the writers trying to redeem Xander in some weird way? He lied to Kristen about killing Ted and Kate. He made it seem like she was the only crazy one. He was willing to do anything to get what he wanted. He had a sudden change of heart about helping Kristen. He will most likely be the next one to die.


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Page updated 7/1/19

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