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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/24/12 - 12/28/12

Abe tried to warn EJ about Kristen and her shenanigans, but EJ wasn’t phased by it.  EJ will get enough trusting Kirsten so easily.  IT will only be a matter of time before she shows her true colors towards him.

We were disappointed with Eric’s secret.  We thought he might have killed someone or was hiding from a killer.  We didn’t expect him to have nightmares because he watched a priest die while saving a girl.  Adding that Eric was a coward for not sacrificing himself doesn’t make the secret any better.

The writers aren’t paying attention to the scripts.  A little while ago, Hope said Bow as with Shawn and Belle yet he ended up being home.  The writers need to pay attention to their scripts so they won’t keep making mistakes like that.

Rafe should have told Sami that he was upset that he saw her with EJ when he got Sydney’s penguin sooner.  It would have been better than giving her the cold shoulder which would practically push her to EJ.

Why was Sami okay with spending Christmas Eve without Allie? She was with Johnny and Sydney yet she wasn’t with Allie.  It’s obvious that the writes think that Sami’s kids with EJ are more important than her kids with Lucas.  She’s always with EJ and the kids, but she and Lucas are never with Allie together.  What’s that about?

The tree trimming party at the Horton house lost something this year.  It wasn’t the same seeing Hope on a laptop instead of at the house. Also, the house had too many people who weren’t Hortons in it.

Speaking of the tree trimming party, why did Maggie put Daniel’s ball on the tree, but she didn’t put Melissa, Sarah or Mickey’s balls on the tree?

Why would Julie tell Billie that she is always welcomed in the Horton house?  Did Julie forget that Billie tried to break up Bo and Hope’s marriage? Julie has no loyalty to her sister or she wouldn’t be so welcoming to Billie.

Abby is a little too supportive of Jennifer being with Daniel.  You would think Abby wouldn’t rush Jennifer into a relationship with Daniel considering Jack just died.

How convenient was it that Daniel suddenly cares about Parker?  He hasn’t said one word about Parker before, but now that he’s coming back to the show, Daniel suddenly missed him.

Gabi had some nerve telling Will that he had no say with the baby.  She must have forgotten that the baby is Will’s and not Nick’s.  Will doesn’t have to go along with Nick’s plan and raise the baby himself.  She was so selfish expecting him to get over losing his child so she and Nick could be happy raising their baby themselves.  We hope Will fights her for custody of the baby.  It would serve Gabi and Nick right if he did.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/30/12

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