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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/17/12 - 12/21/12

Why did Nick tell Gabi that he couldnít be the father of her baby because he was in prison when she first told him she was pregnant?  Now heís telling people that they were together when 11 or 12 weeks ago.  Did Nick think that no one would do the math and realize that he couldnít be the father?

Speaking of Gabiís baby, it seemed as if Sami knew that Gabi wasnít pregnant with Nickís baby when Rafe and Hope were grilling him about the baby.  It could be us, but we wonít be surprised if Sami ends up knowing that Nick isnít the father of Gabiís baby.

Itís convenient that Sonny suddenly doesnít like Gabi now that sheís pregnant with Willís baby. It was such an obvious plot device so it would be worse if the truth came out.

Itís something how Marlena could tell Hope about Kristenís affair with Brady, but Marlena couldnít tell John about it.

Jennifer shouldnít have been surprised that Lucas wasnít over the moon about her being with Daniel.  Did she think Lucas suddenly forgot that Daniel slept with Chloe while Lucas was with her?  If she cared about Lucas, she wouldnít want to be with him.

Speaking of Lucas being upset with Jennifer, when did he change his mind about her not being with Daniel?  He didnít have a problem with them being together before, but now he is upset about it.

Kristen must have someone looking out for her to help make her plan work because Jennifer caught her kissing Brady. It was as if Kristen wanted to get caught by someone since she kissed him at the door.  Brady would have been sick if John were the one at the door.

It was something how Jennifer could give advice about Brady and Kristenís relationship considering how fast she moved on from Jack.  She wasnít in a position to judge the things Kristen has done when Daniel hasnít been a saint.

We have a feeling that the writers are going to put Chad and Abby back together.  What was the point of having Chad cheat on Abby with Melanie if they were going to get back together.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 12/21/12

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