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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/26/12 - 11/30/12

It was so convenient how Daniel was suddenly having tremors in his hands.  He didn't make reference to the tremors before, but now his hands are suddenly bothering him.

Jennifer needs to change the locks on her door.  It was a little too easy for Nicole to get inside Jennifer's house.  If it were our house, we would change the locks if Nicole still had the keys.

Nicole took Eric's advice and apologized to Jennifer for what she did to her.  For some reason, we had a little trouble believing Nicole's apology.  Would Nicole have been so willing to apologize if Eric didn't tell her she should do it?

We weren't surprised that Gabi didn't go through with the abortion. What we didn't understand was why she was crying so much as if she had the abortion. What was the point of manipulating the audience into thinking that she had the abortion when we knew she wasn't going to go through with it?

Why on earth would John forgive Kristen after everything she's done? He as well as Brady will look like fools when they find out that Kristen hasn't changed. They are making Kristen's plans easy for her.

Rafe was such a hypocrite.  He had the nerve to tell Will that Nick had a right to know that he (Nick) was the father of Gabi's baby.  Guess that didn't apply to EJ when he kept him in the dark about Nicole's baby.

Marlena acted as if she had the right to break in Kristen's room and read her tablet.  If Kristen did that to her, Marlena would have been ready to call the police. If she didn't call the police, she would have used that as the excuse she needed to prove that Kristen hasn't changed.  

We were suspicious of Kristen's motive not to sell out Marlena for breaking into her room.  We are not buying that she wants to let bygones be bygones.  She probably has another plan in store for Marlena.

How convenient was it that Caroline suddenly felt guilty about making Daniel think he was the father of Chloe's baby?  She didn't give that a second thought before Eric came back to town.

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Page updated 12/2/12

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