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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/19/12 - 11/23/12

Sami proved once again that sheís a hypocrite.  She told Will that she couldnít break Gabiís confidence and tell him what Gabi told her, but she expected Rafe to break Nicoleís confidence and tell her that he wasnít the father of Nicoleís baby.

Nick has a major attitude problem now.  He was a nice guy before he went to prison, but now that heís out, he has an attitude with people.  He really has a bad attitude towards Sonny and Will.

Marlena stooped so low as to delete Kristenís call from Johnís phone.  Kristen called John to let him know that Brady was in the hospital, but Marlena deleted the calls.  Marlena could have listened to the calls before deleting them, but she chose to delete the calls.

Speaking of Marlena deleting Kristenís calls, what were the odds that Kristenís name would show up on Johnís phone?  Unless John added Kristenís name and number to his contact list (which isnít likely), Kristenís name shouldnít have shown up on his phone.

Rafe proved he is a hypocrite.  He was upset at the idea of Gabi being with Nick because Nick is an ex-con.  Did he forget that Arianna was an ex-con?  How would Rafe have felt if Bradyís family didnít want him with her because she was an ex-con?  He would have been furious.

Did Marlena really think that John wasnít going to be upset that she deleted Kristenís calls from his phone?  If something happened to Brady, no apologies would have changed what she did.  The only thing Marlena is doing is pushing John toward Kristen.

It was great that Lucas was willing to accept Will and Sonny being together.  Hopefully it will last longer than it did the last time he said he would accept them being together.

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Page updated 11/23/12

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