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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/12/12 - 11/16/12

Leave it to Jennifer to blame herself for why Nicole lied about the death of her baby.  You would think Jennifer wouldnít try to see things from Nicoleís point of view after what Nicole did to her.  We know if it were us, we would not blame ourselves for what happened.

Nicole had no one to blame for losing Daniel but herself.  If she told Daniel the truth about how she lost her baby, he might have stayed with her.  Instead of being honest, she chose to lie to him and she lost him.

What did Jennifer think she was going to accomplish going to see Nicole at the hospital?  Nicole wasnít going to apologize for what she did so there was no sense in Jennifer going to see Nicole.  Jennifer goes overboard trying to be the good one sometimes.  Going to see Nicole was an instance of Jennifer trying to be the good one.

Chad warned Gabi that he was going to ruin her happiness with Nick.  We canít say that we feel sorry for Gabi because she didnít care that Chad was in love with Melanie so he shouldnít care that sheís happy.

How convenient was it that Sami suddenly mentioned Eric now that heís back on the show?  They werenít saying much about him before, but now it was suddenly mentioned that Nicole was with Eric.

Jennifer was crazy not to press charges against Nicole.  If the shoe were on the other foot, Nicole would have pressed charges against her.

 When did John change his tune about Kristen?  He was just as worried about Kristen as Marlena was and now heís singing her praises.  Itís a safe bet that Kristen will use this to her advantage and come between John and Marlena.

 Sami did the same thing Rafe did and kept Gabiís pregnancy a secret.  Sami was furious with Rafe for keeping the truth about the father of Nicoleís baby a secret, but she thought it was okay for her to do the same thing.

We were surprised that Gabi told Will about her pregnancy so soon.  We thought that she would have waited to tell him about the baby.  Gabi pregnancy is going to put a monkey wrench in her relationship with Nick and Willís relationship with Sonny.

Who is Brady to badmouth Kristen because of all the things sheís done in the past?  He knows what Nicole has done to people, but heís friends with her.  He of all people should understand why John is naÔve enough to think that Kristen has changed.

The writers must have forgotten that Nicole and Eric werenít together when Eric left the show.  Sami warned Eric about staying away from Nicole as if they were together when he left.

We were very suspicious of Kristenís robbery.  The robbery was just a little too convenient.  Kristen barely fought off her attacker which made us think that she set it up so John and/or Brady would rescue her.

Marlena is going to make it easy for Kristen to get John back.  Marlena deleted a message that Kristen left for John letting him know that Brady was in the hospital.  When John inevitably finds out the truth, she will look worse than Kristen in his eyes.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 11/16/12

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