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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/5/12 - 11/9/12

What made Kate think that Stefano wouldn’t want to divorce her?  She was surprised when Kristen gave her the divorce papers from Stefano.  Did Kate think Stefano was going to stay married to her forever?

Why did Sami grill Jennifer about Nicole dropping the charges against her as if Jennifer was supposed to know?  If Sami needed to know what was going on, she should have grilled Nicole about it.

Marlena is a light switch when it concerns Kristen.  When Marlena’s talking to John, she’s threatened by Kristen, but when she talked to Kate, she made it seem as if she wasn’t worried about Kristen.  Is Marlena threatened by Kristen or not?

Did Jennifer forget that Daniel stole Lucas’ wife from him?  Jennifer told Lucas that Daniel was a good man and she wasn’t going to let Lucas trash Daniel.  Lucas has every reason to trash Daniel after what he did to him.

What were the odds that Kristen was on the church board with John?  It was a blatant attempt to put John and Kristen together.  John hasn’t mentioned one thing about the church, but now that Kristen’s back, they are on the board together.

Nicole wasted her time talking to Jennifer about her baby and Daniel.  Jennifer was never going to admit that she hurt her baby and she wasn’t going to tell her that she was in love with Daniel.

We loved how Abby ripped into Nicole for accusing Jennifer of killing her baby.  Abby was right to let Nicole have it because Nicole had no problem letting Jennifer go down for something she didn’t do.  We didn’t understand why Jennifer stopped Abby from going off on Nicole.  Abby’s performance was over-the-top, but we cheered her on.

We are having trouble believing that Kristen doesn’t want John back.  She is not the angelic person she’s pretending to be now.  She’s most likely doing for John what she suggested EJ do to Sami.

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Page updated 11/9/12

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