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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/29/12 - 11/2/12

Why did it matter to Gabi if Rafe knew about what was going on with Caroline?  Caroline and Rafe weren’t that close so it didn’t matter if he knew or not.

Marlena comes off like she’s jealous of Kristen.  She needs to try and get over that jealousy because it will most likely come between her and John.  John already tried to defend her so it will be a matter of time before her jealousy will get the better of her.

Lucas is going to get enough refusing to accept Will being gay.  If Lucas continues to be disgusted with it, he will eventually lose Will.  The writers are going overboard trying to butcher Lucas’ character.  Perhaps they don’t want the audience to root for him to be with Sami so they have to ruin his character.

Victor and Maggie were supportive of Bo going to California with Caroline.  We liked seeing the three of them bonding over Caroline.  It’s always good to see Bo and Victor getting along after everything they have been through in the past.

Bo and Hope’s goodbye scenes were so sad.  We wish their scenes were longer than they were.  It’s sad to think that he won’t be on the show anymore.  He should have gotten a better sendoff than he did, but we’re happy that he got anything.

We were ready to slap Sami when she yelled at Rafe for not being grateful that EJ wasn’t pressing charges against him.  She also couldn’t wait to throw up in his face how he lied to her about Nicole’s baby.  We were thrilled when he ripped her a new one and reminded her of the things she has done wrong.  She needed to be put in her place because she is so high and mighty towards Rafe as if she never does anything wrong.

We are sick of Sami saying how much she’s changed because she hasn’t changed that much.  When she was talking to Marlena about Kristen possibly changing, she implied that she changed.  She is still the same self-centered person she’s always been.

It must have been like winning the lottery for Jennifer when Daniel admitted to loving her.  We’re sure she already knew that he loved her so it wasn’t news to her.

EJ tried to throw his weight around with Nicole when he found out she dropped the charges against Jennifer.  EJ didn’t care one bit about the baby when he thought he had Sami, but now that he lost her, he wants to make someone pay for the death of his child.

Jennifer was crazy to want to confess to pushing Nicole down the stairs.  Jennifer should be thankful that she’s not going to prison.  If she doesn’t care for Daniel, what good did it do to go to prison?

Why was Lucas acting as if he’s an expert on Sonny?  Lucas barely knows Sonny, but he was warning Will about him as if he knew first hand that Sonny was a playboy in the past.


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Page updated 11/2/12

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