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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/22/12 - 10/26/12

Nicole was upset with Daniel for believing Jennifer didn’t push her as if she’s telling the truth about how she lost her baby.  She is nothing but a manipulative liar who is using the death of her baby as a get out of jail free card.

What made Brady think that Jennifer was going to be okay with him practically judging her for pushing Nicole down the stairs?  Brady should have anticipated Jennifer being upset yet she acted as if he was slapped in the face when she threw him out of her house.

Daniel never told Nicole that he wasn’t in love with Jennifer so she shouldn’t have been surprised if he did still love Jennifer.  Nicole knew when she hooked up with him that he was in love with Jennifer so she went into that situation with both eyes open.

Daniel thinks a lot of himself.  He offered to go away with Nicole if she dropped the charges against Jennifer.  Nicole was a fool to agree to leave town with him.

Rafe blamed EJ for losing Sami.  Rafe said EJ manipulated him to lie about being the father of Nicole’s baby before EJ played Nicole’s confession to Sami.  EJ didn’t force Rafe to lie to her.  Rafe chose to do that on his own.

Lucas was our hero when he put Sami in her place about her anger towards Rafe.  He let her know that she was a hypocrite for getting upset with Rafe for lying to her when she’s a liar.

We are sick of Chad’s attitude towards Stefano.  When Stefano “died”, Chad regretted not giving Stefano a chance now that Stefano’s alive, Chad acts as if he’s a pain the a**.  EJ is the same way, but EJ’s treatment towards Stefano is understandable because of the way Stefano treated him when he thought EJ wasn’t his son.

How did Kristen know the things EJ did to win Sami’s affection?  She has been gone for years, but she seems to know so much about what was going on in Salem.  She also knows her way around town considering some places weren’t around when she was in Salem.

How convenient was it that the program Kayla found was in California?  It was also convenient that Bo had to be the one who went with her.  We know this was a way to write Bo off the show, but the writers could have come up with a better way to write him off of the show.

We loved how Bo put Sami on blast for not knowing what was going on with Caroline.  Sami has been so wrapped up in her own problems that she didn’t notice that something is wrong with Caroline.  Bo ended up apologizing to her, but it was good to see him put Sami in her place.


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Page updated 10/26/12

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