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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/15/12 - 10/19/12

Nicole forgot that Rafe was supposed to be the ďfatherĒ of her baby.  While she was talking to Daniel she referred to the baby as ďtheirĒ baby.

Nicole lost her baby, but while she was sleeping, she called out Danielís name.  You would think that her baby would be on her mind instead of Daniel.  That was one more sign that Nicole cares too much about Daniel and not enough about the baby.

Daniel was willing to believe that Jennifer didnít push Nicole down the stairs.  It doesnít say much for Nicole that Daniel was willing to believe Jennifer over Nicole. 

EJ had perfect timing when Rafe and Nicole were talking about her baby being EJís.  EJ managed to record their conversation so he could have proof that the baby was his.  Leave it to EJ to use his baby to get what he wanted.

Gabi had a flashback of her and Will having sex.  We have a feeling that it was foreshadowing to her being pregnant.  Itís strange that she would suddenly think about their last time together.

EJ apologized to Nicole because she lost her baby.  We werenít sure if EJís sympathy for Nicole was genuine or not since he recorded their conversation.  It would have been nice if he actually meant to be there for her.

We can only imagine what EJ is going to do to Jennifer to make her pay for what she did to Nicole.  We would want to be her when heís ready to get his revenge because we know how he gets when heís angry.

How convenient was it that John was suddenly thinking of Kristen?  He didnít give Kristen a second thought until she was back on the show, but now heís fantasizing about her.

EJ is a jerk.  He only care about being deprived the right to grieve his son because he thought he was going to get Sami back.  If he had Sami, he probably wouldnít care if Nicole lost the baby.  EJ and Nicoleís reactions are why we canít feel sorry for either one of them that they lost their child.  We have a little sympathy for Nicole, but we donít have an ounce of sympathy for EJ.

Justin let Jennifer know that she was going to be charged with second-degree murder.  Jennifer was shocked as if she was going to walk for what she did. 

Why was Nicole convinced that EJ would go after Daniel and Rafe?  What made her think he wasnít going to do anything to her for lying to him?  She should have been just as worried as she thought Daniel should have been.



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Page updated 10/19/12

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