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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/24/12 - 9/28/12

Chad has become obsessed with Nick.  Chad beat Nick up for just talking to Melanie.  Maybe Chad wants to take Nickís place in prison.

Nick should have told the police that Chad beat him up.  Chad had no right to attack Nick the way he did.  Chad should be stopped before he kills Nick.

Itís about time that Gabi told Melanie that she hired Andrew to stalk her.  The story was just lingering for a while and now itís finally revealed.  The only problem is that we donít care about this storyline at all.  Weíre just happy that itís over.

Are the writers pushing for a Safe reunion?  Rafe and Sami went out on a date this week.  If we canít have a Lumi pairing, then we want to see Sami with Rafe.

Even though Chad got what he deserved when Melanie dumped him, we felt that she overreacted to him knowing Gabiís secret.  Melanie acted as if Chad helped Gabi with Andrew.

Why did Gabi decide to spill her guts to Rafe about Andrew all of a sudden?  There was no way to tie Gabi to Andrew now that heís dead so why did she confess?  Why didnít she tell Rafe sooner if she wanted to play confession?

Carolineís mental health must be deteriorating because she was talking to Bo when she said ďBo would be upset about losing his little brother on the forceĒ.  Bo corrected her and said ďRomanĒ, but he didnít notice that she confused the names.

Why was Rafe so nonchalant about kissing Sami?  We know heís worried about Gabi, but he didnít have to treat her as if she were being a pain.  He shouldnít have kissed her if he didnít want to deal with her talking to him about it.

What was up with the way the writers reversed Lucas and Samiís opinions about Willís sexuality?  Lucas was the one who was okay with Will being gay and Sami didnít like it.  Now Lucas seems to have a problem with Will being with Sonny.  Are the writers trying to make Lucas a jerk so we wonít miss him when heís inevitably written off the show?

Is it so hard for EJ to get a woman that he has to blackmail Rafe to get one?  EJ forgot that he was supposed to help Chad keep Melanie in town, but he was only worried about keeping Rafe away from Sami.  EJ obviously needs to blackmail people in order to get what he wants.  He really is pathetic.



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Page updated 9/28/12

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