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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/10/12 - 9/14/12

Why did Hope have to ask Maggie if Nick could stay with her?  Hope could have asked Jennifer if Nick could stay with her.  Jennifer let Nicole stay with her so why wouldn’t she let her cousin stay with her.  If Jennifer couldn’t let Nick stay with her, Lucas could let Nick stay with him.  It’s obvious that Nick was supposed to run into Melanie at Maggie’s place.

t was strange that Lucas and Rafe talking about Sami.  It reminded us that the writers should have had Lucas and Rafe in a triangle with Sami.  There was no need for the triangle with EJ and Rafe.

Why did Melanie act the way she did towards Nick?  She was nice to him before he went to prison, but she acted as if he was going to strangle her (we wish) when he saw her at the Kiriakis mansion.

Is Nicole trying to get exposed for hiding her baby’s paternity from EJ?  Why would she name her son after Daniel and not after Rafe?  Rafe’s supposed to be her baby’s “daddy” so you would think she would have named him after Rafe.

It was good to see Sami actually talk to Will before she decided to go out with EJ.  Could Sami actually be changing?  She wouldn’t have taken the time to tell Will anything back in the day.

We were shocked that Daniel mentioned Philip when he tried to talk Melanie out of marrying Chad.  Was that foreshadowing or were the writers remembering that the character existed?

If Rafe’s not interested in getting back together with Sami, why did he care who was right for her or not?  He may as well admit that he wants to be with her.

Considering the Johnson and the Kiriakis families aren’t perfect, you would think that Adrienne would be more willing to accept Will dating Sonny.

We loved how Sami broke her date with EJ.  Hopefully Sami will keep breaking dates with EJ.  If we can’t have Lumi, then we want to see Sami with Rafe.  We don’t want Sami to be with EJ.

We cheered Gabi on when she managed to put Chad in a position where he couldn’t tell Melanie what Gabi did.  Guess Chad threw his weight around once too often and it bit him in the butt.

Speaking of Gabi, she had a lot of nerve blaming Chad for hiring Andrew.  As much as he deserved to be put in his place, she is the one who hired Andrew.  She started all of the trouble for a guy who didn’t want her.



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Page updated 9/14/12

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