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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/3/12 - 9/7/12

Why would Jennifer invite Nicole to stay with her after everything Nicole has done to her?  If Jennifer needed someone in the house with her, she would have been better off asking someone else.

Speaking of Nicole, she should have been grateful that Jennifer offered to let her stay with her.  Nicole didnít have anywhere else to go so she should have been thankful for the offer.  Instead, she was upset because Jennifer ruined her plan to get Daniel.

Daniel had nerve getting upset that Hope helped Nick.  Nick is Hopeís family so it shouldnít have been a shock that she would help him.  Thatís rightÖHope was supposed to put Melanie first because thatís a requirement in order to live in Salem.

Are we the only ones who donít care one bit about Nickís parole hearing?  We know the writers think we enjoy seeing Nick and Melanie so much, but we donít care to see them.  We couldnít care less if Melanie helped Nick get paroled or not.

Wasnít it weird to see EJ and Lucas talking about Samiís love life?  They are two frequent members of Samiís broken heart club so it was weird to see them going back and forth talking about how Sami breaks all of her loversí hearts.

Gabi had a nasty attitude about working at the pub.  She should be glad that Caroline was willing to take her back after she left the pub to model.  Itís too bad that Caroline didnít hear Gabi whining to Chad about wanting to model so she wouldnít have work at the pub.

Speaking of Chad, we are sick of him throwing his weight around with Gabi.  Chad demanded that Gabi not model because of what happened to Melanie.  He couldnítí prove that Gabi hired Andrew so he had no right to blackmail Gabi into doing what he wanted.

Sami should be thankful that Willís not like her.  Will apologized to her for the way he treated her.  Sami would never do that for Marlena.

It was nice to see Marlena and Sami have a conversation that didnít involve them fighting.  These moments are few and far between and should happen more often.



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Page updated 9/7/12

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