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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/27/12 - 8/31/12

What is up with Maggie?  Maggie didnít want Nick to go to jail when he was sentenced, but now she doesnít want him to get out.  What happened to her loyalty to the Hortons?  Did she forget about the Hortons now that sheís married to Victor?

Isnít it something how people were suddenly talking about Nick now that heís back?  Melanie as well as the Hortons werenít thinking about him until he came back to the show.

As much as we love the idea of Lumi being together, we were cheering Lucas on when he went off on Sami.  She got what she deserved because she shouldnít have left him to go off with EJ.  Sami expected Lucas to understand what she did because EJ was innocent, but she was wrong.

Chad was such a hypocrite because he was upset that Melanie didnít tell him that Nick was up for parole.  Did he forget that heís keeping a huge secret about Gabi from her?

We loved that Lucas put Sami in her place, but we noticed that Sami didnít fight Lucas when he wanted to end things with her.  Lucas made it easy for her to go running back to EJ or go running back to Rafe.

Why did it matter to Will that Sonny was with another guy?  Will didnít want Sonny so it shouldnít matter who Sonny was with or not.

Itís about time someone punched T.  Sonny punched T and he deserved it.  Tís attitude towards Sonny and Will is horrible and he needed to be taken down a peg.

Maggie is a piece of work.  She was a little too willing to agree that Nick shouldnít go to his parole hearing.  She was concerned with how Melanie was feeling.  We want someone to remind her that she knew Nick before she knew Melanie.

Sami had such a bad attitude about Will possibly going to jail for helping EJ.  She told Rafe that Will is an adult and can make his own decisions.  You would think that Sami would have more concern for Will than she did.  When she says things like that itís hard to believe when she says cares so much for her kids.

It could be us, but we thought that Will seemed jealous of the fact EJ wanted to be with Sami.  Is it possible that Will is in love with EJ?  It would explain why Will was so willing to help EJ when he practically destroyed his family.

Chad had a lot of nerve expecting Abby to choose Melanie over her family.  Chad and Melanie betrayed her by getting together behind her back, but he wants Abby to forget her family and choose Melanieís side.


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Page updated 8/31/12

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