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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/20/12 - 8/24/12

Are the writers trying to put Sami and Rafe together?  It seemed so random that he was the one who went to the safe house to arrest Sami and EJ.  We wonder if the writers are going tow rite Lucas out of the show and put them together.

We were shocked that Chad found out that Gabi was working with Andrew.  We didnít think that would happen on Monday.  Reveals like that usually happen on Fridays.

Sami must really be out of touch with her family that she didnít know that Carrie left Salem.  Sami didnít notice that Carrie hasnít been around Salem and it didnít occur to her that Carrie was gone.

EJ realized that Ian killed Stefano.  Itís about time that it came out that he did it.  The problem we have with it is that it didnít make sense that Ian framed EJ and not Brady.  Ian could have gotten back at Brady for being with Madison.  Brady is a DiMera so he could have controlled the DiMera Enterprises by going after Brady.

We werenít surprised that Stefano ended up being alive after all.  Stefano never truly dies so thereís no point in killing him off.

Watching Rafe and Sami argue reminded us of when they first started to fall for each other.  Itís too bad the writers destroyed their relationship because they had to push Sami into another story with EJ.

Maggie has been away from the Hortons so long that she didnít know that Jack was dead until Jennifer told her.  She must think that sheís too good to be around them now that sheís with Victor.

We were cheering Rafe on when he put Sami in her place about what she did to her kids by leaving Salem with EJ.  We know his words fell on deaf ears, but we loved hearing Rafe let Sami know that she was wrong to leave them.

Ian told Stefano and EJ that they are father and son.  The writers have completely changed this story again.  How did Ian know that Alice had the letter that EJ wasnít Stefanoís son?  How did Ian know that Stefano would read the letter to find out that EJ wasnít his son?  There are too many plot holes in this storyline.

We were surprised that Kate told Roman that Ian killed Stefano.  We didnít think she would say anything since Sami was on the run with EJ and wasnít with Lucas.

The last thing Will and Gabi should have done was have sex with each other.  They made things awkward for each other.  Will had a point to prove, but he may have made a mistake.  We have a feeling that she will end up pregnant.


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Page updated 8/24/12

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