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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/13/12 Ė 2/17/12

Abby watched Carrie and Austin kissing and acted as if Austin betrayed her.  Abby knew that Austin was upset about possibly losing Carrie so she shouldnít have been that surprised that he would have tried to get back together with Carrie.  Austin didnít owe Abby anything so he didnít do anything wrong by kissing his wife.

Will is no better than Sami.  Rafe asked Will point blank if he knew something about Sami, but Will lied to him.  If Will was so determined to make sure that Sami pays for her actions, why didnít he just tell Rafe the truth?  Will doesnít have to let Rafe think that he was the only one who messed up in his relationship.

We know that Sami is mad at Carrie, but she had no right to slap her.  We donít understand why Carrie stood there and took that.  She should have slapped Sami back for that.

What happened to Jennifer?  Sheís willing to scheme to get Abe re-elected for mayor.  We are surprised that she would be so willing to have the votes fixed so Abe could win the election.  She was quick to judge Abby for wanting to model.  Sheís in no position to judge anyone.

Sami had no nerve yelling at Carrie for kissing Rafe when she did worse with EJ.  Sami wasnít concerned about her actions.  She was only worried about what Carrie did to her. 

Why is Marlena suddenly so insecure about Johnís feelings for Hope?  John didnít give Hope a second thought until they found out he was still married to Hope.  Does Marlena really think that John is going to jump into bed with Hope?

We were checking when Carrie told Sami off about what she did to her over the years.  We were hoping that Carrie wouldnít stand there and let Sami tell her off.

If Carrie didnít have feelings for Rafe, why did she think about kissing him?  She keeps denying her feelings for Rafe, but thinking about him is not going to convince anyone that sheís not into him.

Sami must be experiencing selective memory loss because she said that Carrie stole Austin from her.  Is she kidding?  She stole Austin from Carrie.  We know the writers want us to forget her wrongdoings, but we didnít forget what Sami did.

It should have been pretty awkward for Austin to sit with Abby and Carrie at the town square Abby seemed like she was all but ready to confess to Carrie what happened with Austin.  We know that nothing happened between Abby and Austin, but he doesnít know that so he should have been uncomfortable being there with them.

Why would that man talk to Abe about rigging the questions for the election in public?  Lexie ended up overhearing them talking about it.  Lexie might not have been the only one who heard them talking.

Lexie was such a witch for not standing by Abeís side when he was made his victory speech.  She was upset, but she could have supported him publicly and then got upset privately.  Abe has forgive Lexie for much worse, but she couldnít forgive him for one mistake.

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Page updated 5/9/12

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