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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/6/12 Ė 2/10/12

We couldnít believe Samiís nerve.  She had the nerve to get upset that Rafe kissed Carrie.  Did Sami forget that she did more than kiss EJ?  Hopefully she will remember her reaction to seeing Rafe and Carrie kissing because Rafe should treat her the same way that she treated him.

Itís obvious the writers want to stress the severity of Abeís actions during the campaign.  Lexie keeps going overboard talking about how honest Abe is when he did fight dirty during the election.  Lexie is going to look like a fool when she finds out what Abe and Jennifer did.

Sami/Rafe and Carrie/Austinís story is really turning into a soap opera.  Austin walked in while Sami yelled at Carrie and Rafe for kissing.  As much as Sami has us yelling at the TV, we love to watch the drama in this story unfold.

Sami has a lot of nerve throwing Rafe out of his apartment.  He was the one who bought it so Sami should have left the loft.  She could move in with Roman or Caroline.

Carrie had the chance to tell Austin that she didnít have feelings for Rafe.  She didnít say anything and Austin was able to figure out that she had feelings for Rafe.  She didnít say anything and Austin was able to figure out that she had feelings for Rafe.  She should have said something so Austin would know how she feels about Rafe one way or another.

Hope probably shouldnít have opened up the box.  Now she knows that sheís legally married to John.  We donít understand why Alice kept that a secret.  Alice should have told Hope the truth.

When did Hope and John get married?  If they got married when Hope was kidnapped, then thereís a big plot hole in the story.  John was in Salem during the years that Hope was missing so when could they have been married?  If it happened before John arrived in Salem, then John is married to the real Princess Gina and not to Hope.  Hopefully the writers will explain how John and Hope managed to get married while she was Gina.

What is the matter with Marlena?  Carrie told Marlena that Sami caught her kissing Rafe and Marlena said she wasnít wrong because she didnít mean to hurt anyone.  What type of answer is that?  Marlena practically gave Carrie a free pass for kissing her daughterís husband.  Weíre not surprised that Sami goes off on Marlena all of the time.  Marlena never has Samiís back for anything.  If Sami kissed Austin, Marlena would have told her she was wrong.

Sami refused to listen to Rafe while he wanted to talk about the problems in their marriage.  Sami knows that their problems happened after she slept with EJ.  Sami is such a hypocrite for getting so mad at Rafe for a kiss when she hurt Rafe worse than he hurt her.

Abby couldnít wait to take advantage of Austin.  She knew he was drunk and hurt because of Carrie, but she kissed him anyway.  He needed a friend and not an obsessed stalker like Abby.

We wonder if Austin would have been willing to work things out with Carrie if he didnít think he had sex with Abby.  He didnít seem willing to work things out before he thought he was with Abby and now he wants to make his marriage work.

It was funny watching Stefano taunt Hope and John about their marriage.  The looks on John/Hope and Bo/Marlena were priceless.  We know that there are fans who donít care for the story, but weíre thankful that they have one.

Abbyís apology to Melanie would have meant more if she did it before she thought she had Austin.  Abby didnít want to look at Melanie anymore, but now that she thinks sheís with Austin, sheís willing to be friends with Melanie.  Melanie shouldnít be so quick to accept Abbyís apology.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 5/9/12

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