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2010 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/28/09 – 12/31/09

Can you believe that Kate and Vivian were making such a fuss over Philip marrying Melanie?  The writers really want us to like her.  As far as we’re concerned, they need to start over again because we still don’t like her.  There’s something about her that rubs us the wrong way.

Hope kept asking what happened to her, but she won’t do anything to get back together with Bo.  She keeps refusing to work things out with Bo so she shouldn’t be surprised that he might end up moving on with Carly.

The writers are trying to force Justin and Hope to be together.  Why else would she ask Justin to be her lawyer to get a separation from Bo?  We know that Mickey never wins a case, but he’s not Bo’s cousin.  Hope shouldn’t get Bo’s cousin involved in her mess.

We loved the flashbacks of Bo and Hope.  It was proof that Bo and Hope belong together.  The flashbacks were a reminder to fans why Bo and Hope are one of the best couples in daytime.

Hope got what she deserved when she saw Bo and Carly kissing.  She shouldn’t have kept giving Bo such a hard time about getting back together.  She didn’t want to be with Bo anymore so it shouldn’t matter if he’s with someone who does want him.  To play devil’s advocate, Bo didn’t have to kiss Carly to comfort her.  He is still a married man, but Hope needed an eyeful to get her act together.

Since Anna didn’t use gloves to make the ransom note, it wouldn’t take much for the police to check it for fingerprints.

Mia really isn’t any different from Kinsey.  She was practically judging Gabi when she was talking to her.  Mia is probably jealous of Gabi because of Chad.

Wasn’t that convenient how Hope just happened to be listening when Vivian was telling Victor about Carly’s secret?  Hope had great timing.

It’s hard to believe that Troy wasn’t more careful about his phone.  You would think that he would have made sure he had it on him so no one would now about his drug dealing.  Arianna ended up finding his phone.

It’s not a good sign for Bo and Hope fans that he doesn’t regret that he kissed Carly.  That probably means that Bo is giving up on his marriage just like Hope.

Why is Hope so obsessed with finding out Carly’s secret?  Carly’s secret is none of Hope’s business.

It’s not a good sign that Maggie and Julie were suddenly talking about Mickey.  We also saw flashbacks of Mickey and Maggie.  It’s a sign of bad things to come for Mickey.

Page updated 6/7/12

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