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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/21/09 12/25/09

Could Sydney's kidnapping be EJ and Sami's karma for the things that they've done in the past?  They have done some bad things to people and now it could be coming back to them.  We're not saying that that's the reason for the kidnapping, but it would be something if that's why they are going through this with Sydney.

What was EJ thinking when he accused Arianna of taking Sydney?  Where would she have hidden Sydney since she lives with Sydney's great grandmother?  

Anna must have flipped out since she took Sydney out of the blue.  It was a nice twist, but that is taking away from what Nicole did.  Nicole is the one who kidnapped Sydney, but now Anna is the one that looks like the bad guy for taking her.

Didn't Carly have great timing?  She waited until Bo told her that his marriage was over to tell him how she has feelings for him.  We weren't the least bit surprised that she admitted her feelings for Bo because we knew she was going to come between Bo and Hope.  It was only a matter of time before Carly admitted to her feelings for Bo.

What made Carly think that Bo had to feel the same way about her that she felt for him?  He may be having problems with Hope, but that didn't mean that he stopped loving her.  

Lexie can be such a nasty person when she wants to be.  She didn't have to reject Stefano's invitation for Christmas dinner.  He helped her when she schemed, but now she's judging him for helping Nicole.  What happened to the speeches she gave Stefano when she thought he was dying?  That must have went out the window now.

Does anyone else find Nathan and Stephanie just as boring as we do?  They were talking about being friends and not being comfortable talking about dating.  It was enough to make the both of us want to vomit.

Mia obviously expects Will and Chad to fawn all over her and never move on with their lives.  She doesn't want Chad (allegedly), but she was jealous when he looked at Gabi in her dress.

Since Melanie's dating Stephanie's ex (Philip), she doesn't really have a right to get upset that Stephanie could be getting together with Nathan.

Wasn't that convenient how Roman called Anna out of the blue?  He also made sure that he didn't tell Anna that Sami's daughter was kidnapped.  Anna would have known that she took his grandchild.  

Hope still insists on blaming Bo for what happened to Ciara.  She conveniently forgot that she was the reason why Dean kidnapped Ciara in the first place.

That was funny how Vivian talked about Chloe the way she did.  She wasn't sure that Chloe was the one who hurt Brady so she unknowingly insulted her singing.  

Melanie obviously didn't care for Nathan the way she thought.  She was a little too willing to accept Philip's proposal.  She barely gave Nathan a second thought when she took the ring.

We loved how Stefano told EJ off again.  EJ deserved it because he is being so unreasonable about what Stefano did.

Page updated 6/12/12

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