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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/14/09 12/18/09

EJ and Sami must have thought that Stefano was stupid if they thought he would confess to taking Sydney.  Even if he took her, he wouldn't be dumb enough to tell them just because Sami tried to get under his skin.  He has better tolerance than that.  EJ should have known better.

When is Gabi going back home?  She was only supposed to be in Salem for a few days.  She has been there for weeks and she's not showing any signs of leaving.

Wasn't that convenient how Daniel has the authority to hire hospital staff?  It wasn't too long ago that he was in jail for attempted murder, but now he has the ability to hire people.

Since Nicole knows the kidnapper, she should have recognized the voice.  All Nicole knew was the kidnapper is a woman.  She should have at least recognized the voice since she's heard it before.

Hope didn't have a problem trying to pump Vivian for information about Carly, but she didn't want Vivian to butt in her business with Bo.  Hope didn't want to hear it when Vivian told her that Ciara would be happy if she were home.  Vivian was right so Hope wanted her to mind her own business.

What are the odds that Carly would have remembered to bring the scroll that Marlena gave her and Bo.  That was something that she had over 16 years ago so it's not likely that she would have had it with her when she showed up in Salem.

Why was Nicole surprised that no one believed that she didn't have Sydney?  She has told too many lies for anyone to believe her now.

We enjoyed watching Vivian, Kate, and Victor's scenes at the mansion in Wednesday's episode.  It was good to see them working together again.

Stephanie is worse than Melanie.  She couldn't wait to rub it in Melanie's face that Nathan was spending Christmas with her.  We are not Melanie fans by any means, but even she doesn't deserve a "friend" like Stephanie.

Leave it to Sydney's kidnapper to fall off the step ladder and leave the door open.  The temperature was also dropping at the time of the door being open.  Luckily Sydney didn't freeze to death. 

Did Will move out of Sami's house?  Sami and Rafe both made comments indicating that Will wasn't staying with Sami anymore.

Does Melanie have amnesia?  She said that she threw Carly out of her house.  Did she forget that she is staying with Mickey and Maggie?

We always enjoy watching Bo remind Hope how she took Ciara and let the house.  She needs to remember that she is the one who is tearing up the family.  It is not because of Bo helping Carly.

Brady was actually right for once.  He told Arianna that EJ deserved to go to prison for the things he's done.  Brady was right because EJ was never punished for what he's done to people.

Bo did the right thing by walking away from Hope while they were fighting.  He might have said something he would regret but enjoy saying if he kept arguing with her.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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