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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/7/09 12/11/09

How many more times does Ciara have to tell Hope that she wants to go home before Hope gets the hint?  It is time for Hope to stop standing on false pride with Bo and go back home before it's too late.

What right did Melanie have to decide that Carly couldn't stay with Maggie?  The last time we checked, she was staying in Maggie's house and not the other way around.

We always enjoy watching Bo spend time with Ciara.  They are so cute together.  It's just too bad that they don't spend more time together.

We don't get why Brady didn't tell Arianna to hold on while he spoke tot he cop.  If he did, then Arianna wouldn't have been talking for nothing.

It's been a while since we've agreed with Hope, but we thought she was right to be a little upset that Carly wanted to stay with Mickey and Maggie.  Carly could have gone to stay at the Salem Inn.  She should have known that Hope wouldn't have liked Carly staying with her family.

We are glad that Bo keeps reminding Hope that she moved out of their house.  Hope needs a reality check since she keeps making such a big deal about Carly being in her house.  If Hope wants to poke out her chest and prove that she wants Carly to stay away, then she needs to move back home.

It was too easy for Nicole to get out of her hospital room.  They all made it so easy since they stopped checking on her.  They knew she was a flight risk so they should have been watching her.

Hope needs to start accepting some of the blame for her problems with Bo.  She always blames Carly and even Bo for what's wrong, but she won't acknowledge her role in the situation.

It doesn't say much for the Cleveland Police that Nicole was able to sneak out of the hospital during a lockdown without anyone seeing her.

Rafe must be the only man in Salem with a working brain.  He was the one to figure out that Nicole escaped and he found her at the bus station.  Maybe Rafe should go back to the FBI.

Brady is getting dumber and dumber.  He actually stopped Rafe from questioning Nicole.  Brady really is the biggest idiot of the year.

EJ was ready to write off being a DiMera, but he couldn't wait to practically brag about being one when he threw his weight around with Fay.  When he can use being a DiMera to his advantage, EJ will use it as a threat, but he's quick to walk away from the family when he's angry.

We were cheering when Stefano called EJ an arrogant b*stard.  he was so right about that.  EJ has been that and a lot worse since he found out about Sydney.

That was so convenient how EJ managed to get the mansion put in his name.  That made it so easy for EJ to try and throw his weight around with Stefano.

Stefano had us cheering again when he said that EJ got what he deserved because of the things he's done.  EJ's attitude made it easy for us to root for Stefano.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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