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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/30/09 Ė 12/4/09

If EJ and Sami had agreed to work together for Sydney sooner, Nicole wouldnít have been able to take her.  Nicole was able to take advantage of the situation since they were fighting for nothing.

Why didnít Nicole go to Brandon for help with Sydney?  Nicole was close to him and he might have helped her with Sydney.  Sheís not even close to Fay so it was weird that she went to her for help.  Nicole was obviously desperate to get away that she would go to Fay.

It doesnít really say much for Stephanie that Nathan and Philip want Melanie, but neither of them want to be with her.  She is available for both of them, but they would rather take their chances with Melanie. 

Wasnít that something how EJ suddenly wants to acknowledge that Sydney is his daughter now that he knows that she is his daughter with Sami?  He expected Nicole to bring Sydney back to him because Sydney is his daughter.  Are you kidding?  He could have had Sydney, but he didnít want her.  He threw her out and wouldnít acknowledge her as his daughter.

We were actually applauding for Nicole.  She was right when she reminded EJ about the way he treated Sydney.  He was willing to turn his back on Sydney until he found out she was really his daughter.

Hope canít blame her marital problems on Carly being in Salem.  Hope was the one who chose to leave Bo so she can blame herself for her problems.  We know that Carly will eventually be a factor in Bo and Hopeís marriage, but Hope made it so easy for her to do it.

Arianna needs to knock Gabi down a peg.  Gabi kept getting smart with Arianna even when she tried to defend her when Will yelled at her.  It is time for Arianna to put Gabi in her place.

Philip didnít have to be so rude to Vivian.  Her only crime as far as he knows, was that she thought of him as her son.  Considering what Kate has done, you would think Philip would be willing to accept her in his life.

Brady proved that he is the dumbest man in Salem.  He actually tried to defend Nicoleís actions to Melanie with a straight face.  Brady knows that Nicole did horrible things, but he tried to make excuses for her.  It was as if the writers expected the audience to feel the same way he does about Nicole stealing Sydney from Sami.

Why did Brady think that Nicole would bring Sydney back to Salem?  Nicole would end up going to jail if she did that so there was no way that she would bring her back to Salem.

Leave it to Chloe to make Nicole kidnapping Sydney a moment about herself. She told Daniel how the kidnapping was her fault.  We know that Chloe is instrumental in what Nicole did, but it would be nice if she didnít always make things about herself.

EJ doesnít need to turn down anyone who wants to help find Sydney.  He didnít want Brady to help find Nicole and Sydney.  EJ should accept help from anyone.

We loved how Lucas ripped Chloe a new one for telling Nicole about Sami.  She deserved to be yelled at for that because she should have kept her mouth shut.  If she didnít tell Nicole that Sami was pregnant, Nicole wouldnít have been able to switch the babies.

If Sami didnít take so long go answer the phone, maybe she could have spoken to Nicole before she was conveniently knocked out.

It was nice to see Bo and Philip talking to each other.  They donít get a chance to talk to each other that much so it was nice to see.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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