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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/23/09 Ė 11/27/09

Arianna told Brady that Nicole switched the babies.  Itís about time that Brady learned the truth about what Nicole did to Sami.  If he didnít, he would have probably continued to help Nicole keep Samiís baby from her.

We know that EJ was upset that Stefano helped Nicole, but he wasnít right to choke him the way he did.  It is not okay to choke your parent just because you are mad.  If itís really okay, people would be doing that all of the time.  What if one of his children did that to him?

It was too late for Melanie to slap Philip because they kissed.  She was the one who initiated the kiss so it was her fault that they kissed.  Maybe she should slap herself for being tempted to kiss Philip.

Didnít Brady have a lot of nerve practically blaming Arianna for not telling him about Nicole?  No one put a gun to his head and made him help Nicole.  He did that on his own free will.  Blaming Arianna was not going to take the blame off of himself.

We were so glad that Brady finally stood up to Nicole.  Itís about time that he realized that Nicole was only using him. Nicole deserved to feel Bradyís wrath.

Did we miss something with Brady?  When was he suddenly in love with Nicole again?  He didnít seem to have any feelings for her once he got together with Arianna.  Now heís suddenly in love with Nicole again.

EJ and Sami made it so easy for Nicole to sneak into the mansion and see Sydney.  They walked out of the room and left Sydney alone.  To make things worse, EJ closed the door to the living room when he and Sami left the room.  Nicole was able to sneak in the mansion once they left the room and took Sydney with her.  If they stayed in the living room or left the door open, Nicole wouldnít have been able to go in there and take the baby.

What right did Hope have to go through Carlyís bag?  How would Hope have felt if Carly looked through her stuff?  Hope wasnít right to do that just because Carlyís bag was in the house.

We were so glad that Stefano reminded EJ of the way he treated Sydney when he found out what Nicole did.  Someone needed to remind EJ that he rejected Sydney when he thought he wasnít her father.

Carly was talking about her daughter as if she is still a baby.  Did she forget that her daughter wouldnít be a little girl anymore?

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Page updated 6/12/12

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