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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/16/09 - 11/20/09

It is too late for EJ to suddenly care about what happened to Sydney.  He seemed worried when Kate told him that Rafe was on his way to get Sydney.  Why did he care when he was willing to write her off?

We loved watching the way that Sami yelled at Nicole for keeping Sydney from her.  Nicole got what she deserved since she was getting away with what she did for so long.  It was the showdown that we waited so long to see.

Speaking of the Sami and Nicole showdown, we thought that Sami let Nicole off too easy.  She should have started punching Nicole as soon as she saw her again.

Alison Sweeney did such a great job confronting Nicole about stealing Sydney.  She really seemed like she was mad at Nicole.  Alison Sweeney knocked her things over while she was yelling at Arianne Zucker's Nicole.  Alison Sweeney was yelling so much that her face turned red.  She really did a great job.

Nicole had a lot of nerve blaming Sami for what she did.  Nicole only had herself to blame for why she took Sydney from Sami.  To make matters worse, Nicole had the nerve to tell Sami she wouldn't give her back her baby.  Sami should have pounded Nicole into the floor.

It was convenient how Ciara wanted to go home and be with Bo (not that we blame her) now that she and Hope can't go home.  Now it looks like Bo was the bad guy for telling Hope that she can't go home when she was the one who took Ciara and left the house.

We are glad that Vivian is back in Salem.  We are curious to see what she is going to do to Carly and hopefully she will go after Kate too.

We may be alone, but we don't feel the least bit sorry for Nicole.  Nicole was the one who did the scheming so she deserves to suffer.  She should have felt as if someone kicked her in the stomach when Sydney bonded with Sami quickly.  Note to Nicole: when you steal a baby, you will eventually lose the child.

Is the world about to end?  Nicole told EJ that Sydney is his daughter.  We are glad that he knows the truth, but it helps that her back was against the wall.

Chloe obviously never stops running her mouth.  She was leaving a message on Nicole's phone and she mentioned how Sydney was Sami's baby.  Mia ended up hearing her.  Mia knows the truth, but once again, Chloe opened her mouth.

We are not going to forget EJ's reaction when he thought that Sydney wasn't his baby.  Now all of a sudden he cares so much about Sydney.

We loved how Bo put Hope in her place about their relationship.  She tried to blame Bo helping Carly as the reason why they aren't together anymore.  Bo reminded her that she left before Carly showed up.  We also liked how Bo had the last word and walked out of the mansion.

When did Stephanie develop feelings for Nathan?  She didn't seem like she cared about him too much before.  Now that he is with Melanie, she suddenly has feelings for him.  Stephanie doesn't know who she wants.

It's too late for Nicole to realize that she should have been with Brady.  She should have chosen him when he told her how he felt about her.

It was too convenient that Brady didn't know that Nicole switched the babies.  He only thought she was arrested for illegal adoption.  Chloe tells everything else, but she managed not to tell Brady why Nicole was arrested.

Stephanie is no better than Melanie.  She made sure that Nathan had to work all night to that he couldn't be with Melanie.  Stephanie has to resort to scheming to keep Nathan and Melanie apart.  That is something that Melanie would do.

Page updated 6/12/12

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