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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/9/09 - 11/13/09

Sami couldn't wait to tell Nicole that Rafe was back in Salem.  Rafe specifically asked her not to say anything, but that lasted for five minutes. No wonder Rafe didn't want to tell her what he's doing.  She probably would have told that too.

Chloe found out that she has a two percent chance to conceive a child.  Naturally, she was upset. We don't understand why she didn't find that out sooner.  You would think she would have found out when she was in the hospital before.

It was convenient how Chloe saw Daniel with one of his patients who happened to be a kid.  Daniel was never seen with children before, but now that Chloe can't have children, she suddenly say him with a child.

What has happened to Bo and Hope?  It wasn't that long ago when they were happy and could trust each other.  Fast forward tot he kidnapping story and they can't trust each other.  When Carly was arrested, Bo accused Hope of turning her in to the police.  She denied it, but he didn't believe her.  Victor had to come forward and admit to turning Carly in before Bo believed her.  Bo's lack of trust for Hope wouldn't have been a factor not too long ago.  Hope's word would have been enough.

We are not buying Nicole not wanting Stefano to have Rafe killed.  Killing Rafe would be the only thing that saves her so we don't buy that she didn't want him killed.  That was the writers' way of manipulating us with Nicole.  They must have thought that we would think that Nicole was too good of a person to want Rafe killed.

Arianna told Brady how she's working for the police.  We didn't think that she would have said anything anytime soon.

It was so convenient that the courts ordered Carly to stay with Bo.  It was obvious where that was headed.  It was a predictable way to force Bo and Carly to be together.

EJ had convenient timing to be at the pier when Stefano's henchman was about to shoot Rafe.  EJ must be psychic to know just when Rafe and the hit man were there.

It was weird for EJ to warn Stefano that his hit man sold him out to the police.  If EJ didn't stop the hit in the first place, Stefano wouldn't have had to leave town.

Rafe should have showed Sami the proof of Sydney being her baby when he was telling her the truth.  He should have known that she wouldn't have believed him without the proof.

The writers rewrote Sami's connection to Sydney.  Whenever Sami was around Sydney, she never felt a connection to her.  Now that Sami knows that Sydney is hers, Rafe mentioned this so-called connection.

It's a shame that Hope only wanted to go home because she was jealous of Carly.  She should have been willing to go home because she loves and misses him.  We think her jealousy over Carly outweighed her love for Bo.

It was so rich of Hope to blame Bo for why they are apart.  She was the one who left him, but she blamed Bo for why they aren't together.  Hope will find any reason to blame Bo for everything.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/12/12

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