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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/2/09 - 11/6/09

Why is it so easy for Rafe to tell Arianna about Nicole's schemes, but he can't tell Sami?  He always has to have proof before he tells Sami anything.

Victor seemed like he was jealous when he saw Stefano and Kate kissing.  It would be interesting to see Victor and Stefano in a triangle with Kate.

Will made it easy for Mia to tell him that she lied to Chad about sleeping around, but she didn't do it.  she told Will that she really slept with a lot of guys.  Will would have kept the secret so she didn't have to lie to him.

Nicole just knew that getting EJ to kiss her would get him back.  He pecked her and admitted to being his happiest with her.  Unfortunately, Nicole's plan backfired because he still didn't want her.

How many more hints did Hope need that she shouldn't keep Ciara from Bo?  The girl considered Hope to be a wicked witch because she didn't want to work things out with Bo.

Sami was in no position to judge Mia for "sleeping with other guys" when she was in the same position when she had Will and the twins.  She didn't know who their fathers were at first.  With that said, we liked the way Sami defended Will and Chad to Mia.  We weren't surprised that she would have defended Will, but she didn't have to defend Chad for what Mia did to him.

We can't wait to see EJ's face when he finds out that Sydney is his daughter.  He keeps saying how she's not his daughter and she never will be, but that tune will be different once the truth comes out.  It's too bad that Sydney isn't old enough to realize what EJ is saying about her.  She could throw it up in his face that he didn't want anything to do with her.

Rafe wouldn't tell Sami that Meredith held him captive.  He thought it was too long of a story to get into at the time.  He would have been better of telling her what happened to him.  It's not as if it had anything to do with Sydney so he could have told her.

We enjoyed the showdown between Hope and Carly.  Guess seeing Carly in Hope's bed lit a fire under Hope.  It was something how Carly was talking to Hope as if she had the right to be in her house.  She also acted as if Hope was supposed to keep her secret and not turn her in to the police.  If we were Hope, we would be tempted to turn her in based on her attitude alone.

The writers must have forgotten that Nicholas was SORAS'd a little while ago.  Carly told Hope about her life with Lawrence and Nicholas, she made it seem as if he just left for college.  When Nicholas was back a little while ago and involved with Kate, he was at least in his mid to late 20s.

We loved it when Bo called Hope out on her hypocrisy.  She was upset with him for not telling her that Carly was staying in their house.  He didn't take that lying down.  He told her how she didn't tell him about taking Ciara to Doug and Julie's and Victor's.  All she could do was stand there because she was right.

If Hope was so worried about Bo moving on from her, she shouldn't have left him.  She should have tried harder to make her marriage work.  She didn't have to spoon feed him to Carly.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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