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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/19/09 - 10/23/09

It was so ironic that Sami was telling EJ about Nicole keeping Sydney. If Sami only knew that Nicole has her baby, she wouldn't be so quick to defend Nicole.

What makes Sami so sure that Chad can't handle raising a child?  She was around his age when she had Will and she was able to handle him.  Chad has rich parents would would most likely help him raise the baby so he has an advantage.

The writers missed an opportunity to remind the audience of what Lexie did to Bo and Hope when she had Zack.  Lexie knows what it's like to adopt a child and do whatever it takes to keep the child because she did the same thing to Bo and Hope.  Instead of having Lexie say "she knows what it's like...", she could have said how she could relate to Nicole.  It would have been a great recap for new audiences.

Nicole was really desperate to come on to Chad.  She also thinks a lot of herself since she thought sleeping with him would get him to change his mind about taking Sydney.  She has really gone off of the deep end.

Nicole bit off more than she could chew when she quoted one of her porno movies to Chad.  She would have been better off coming up with original dialogue in order to seduce him.  She just knew that that plan was going to work.  The only thing she did was make things worse since he figured out that she was a porn star.

It was nice to see Bo and Lexie talking about his problems with Hope.  She was sympathetic to him as opposed to everyone else who blames him for their problems. She actually took the time to listen to him without judgment.

Did we have brains farts or something?  Nicole told Chad that her past made her a good mother.  The last time we checked, Mary was a good mother to Sydney.  Nicole was barely around Sydney so what makes her a good mother?

The writers can manipulate the audience all they want to about Chad not caring about Sydney, but we aren't buying it.  Chad has a right to his child.  Nicole is in no position to judge what kind of a parent he would be to Sydney when she's no better than he is. 

Arianna admitted to going back to prison if she quit working for Roman.  We wonder what she could have done in order to go to prison.

It was amazing how fast Nicole was able to get over EJ.  She was ready to go back to him before, but now she thinks Brady is perfect for her.  She can turn her feelings on and off like a lightswitch.  She didn't want to be with Brady when he told her he was in love with her.

Leave it to Maggie to let it slip that Sami is Will's mother.  Sami was able to convince Chad not to fight for Sydney until Maggie showed up and told him that Sami is Will's mother.  We didn't want Sami to get away with convincing Chad to let Nicole keep Sydney, but that didn't change the fact that Maggie's a busybody.

Why hasn't Kate been to see Stefano?  You would think that she would have been by his side since he's her husband.  If she could take the time to talk to Stephanie, she could have been with Stefano.

Why would Maggie apologize to Chloe?  Chloe cheated on Maggie's nephew, but she's going to Chloe to make things right?! No wonder Lucas was willing to write her off. She doesn't know the first thing about loyalty.

It's too bad that Sami doesn't know that Sydney is her daughter.  She was so quick to tell Nicole that biology didn't matter.  Sydney was still Nicole's daughter.  We wonder if that will still be true if the truth ever comes out.  Bet biology is going to matter when she wants her daughter back.

If John conveniently set it up for Sami to get money whenever she needs it, why was she complaining about not having any money?  That was an obvious plot device so Nicole could get the money she needed to leave town.  Why didn't Sami mention this money before Nicole needed it?

Stefano better be lucky that he was only talking to EJ and Lexie when he blurted out Sami's name as Sydney's mother.  All he had to do was say he misspoke and they believed him. There was no way that he would have said Sami's name instead of Nicole's.

It was good to finally see Victor stand up for Bo when Hope told him she was moving out.  Victor was quick to side with Hope when he talked to Bo so it was weird to see him try to talk Hope out of leaving Bo.

Why couldn't Mickey represent Mia?  He didn't have to suggest that Justin represent her.  What was the point of casting Mickey if they were never going to use him?

The writers know that they backed EJ into a corner by having EJ say that Stefano wouldn't accept her because she's not a DiMera by blood.  That plan didn't work because Stefano was willing to accept Tony as his and he's not a DiMera biologically.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/12/12

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