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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/12/09 - 10/16/09

Victor knows Bo was right about him being jealous of Kate marrying Stefano.  When Kate all but told Victor that she tried to kill Chloe, he was ready to protect her.  Now he wants Bo to prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law.

How many times do we have to see the flashbacks of Carly stabbing Lawrence?  Everyday she's in the episode, they show the flashback.  Do the writers think that our attention span is that short that we'll forget what happened?

The writers reminded the audience of Bo and Victor's past with Carly.  It's good how the writers thought to remind the audience that Carly was with Victor as well as with Bo.

Hope had a funny way of showing that she doesn't want her marriage to Bo to end.  She keeps avoiding the subject of her marriage and is not willing to work things out for someone who doesn't want to end it.

We are not buying EJ's heartbreak over losing Sydney.  Last week he said Sydney wasn't his daughter and threw her out of the mansion.  This week he suddenly missed her.  The writers didn't want EJ to look like a monster for not caring about a baby that isn't biologically his.  It doesn't matter how he reacts to Sydney being gone.  We remember how he acted when the "truth" came out.

You would think that Carly's name would have been in the paper for killing Lawrence.  Lawrence's people knew that she killed him so it was a surprise that they didn't rush to tell the police what she did.

It's a good thing for Rafe that Arianna was persistent about something happening to him.  At least someone was thinking that something could have happened to him.  Sami started to suspect it too, but it wasn't until Arianna did something about it.

EJ was such a hypocrite to Brady.  When Brady was talking to himself about accepting responsibility, EJ told him it was a good idea.  When is EJ ever going to take responsibility for his actions?

How convenient was it that Chad only heard Mia say that Nicole "adopted a baby"?  Of course he didn't hear her say that Nicole "adopted her baby".  there was no way that Nicole was going to get busted that way.  What were we thinking?

It looks like Daniel has a secret.  As soon as Chloe made reference to him being a great daddy, he had a reaction on his face.  We think he either had/has a child or he had a vasectomy.  the writers had to do something with them because they would be like watching paint dry.

Chad figured out that Nicole adopted "his" baby.  Luckily Nicole and Mia kept running their mouths as if Chad wasn't there.  Mia ended up confessing to giving her baby to Nicole.  She was sick of all the lying so she came clean with Chad.

How many people are going to tell Brady that he's in love with Nicole?  He must be wearing a billboard that says he loves Nicole.

We loved seeing the old pictures of Bo and Hope when Bo was looking at the pictures.  It reminded us of happier Bo and Hope times.  It also reminded us of how good Bo looked with longer hair.

Thumbs up to the writers for finally realizing that Chad had rights to his daughter.  They also realized that Chad didn't give up his rights to the baby.  It took them long enough to realize that the father has rights too.

Carly better be lucky that Rafe can still be a hero even when he's knocking on death's door.  One of Lawrence's people was on the boat and pulled a gun out on her.  When he was ready to shoot her, Rafe knocked the gun out of his hands.

At this point, Bo shouldn't be surprised that Hope wasn't going to rush back home to him.  She hasn't given him any indication that she wanted to be back with him.  She would rather be focused on the bad times instead of the good.

We were on Chad's side when he ripped into Mia.  He was right to be upset with her for lying to him about his "daughter".  If he lied to her about something major, she would have had a fit.

We loved how EJ crunched Nicole's face when he said he wanted Sydney back in his life.  She just knew that he would want her back too.  We don't know what she was thinking.  He was completely mad at her yet she thought he would take her back.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/12/12

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