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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/5/09 - 10/9/09

Philip told Chloe that it was awkward seeing her at the hospital because of Kate trying to killer her.  It should have been awkward because of what she did to Lucas and they used to date.

Why was Chloe surprised that Lucas sent her annulment papers?  Did she think she was going to marry Daniel while she was still married to Lucas?  Maybe she wanted to be the one who sent the annulment papers.

EJ really ripped Nicole a new one when she finally confessed to the miscarriage.  We were afraid that he was going to kill her.  Nicole was trying to be manipulative by crying while he was yelling.  It didn't do her any good because he was not phased by her tears.

It was amazing (and not in a good way) how Nicole was trying to make EJ come off as the bad guy as far as Sydney goes. She was the one who lied to him, but she made it seem as if EJ's anger would be the cause of their marriage being over.

It is awfully convenient how Justin and Adrienne are going through marital problems.  That was just a way to make him free for his inevitable pairing with Hope.  We had a feeling the writers were going to break up Justin and Adrienne so he could be with Hope.

It was a nice touch on the writers part to show flashbacks of Bo/Carly/Lawrence's past.  It was a great way to show new viewers as well as old viewers of how the three are connected.

Why did Chloe have to tell EJ about Stefano being in the hospital?  Someone from the hospital should have told him about Stefano.

Why does Maggie care so much that Kate tried to kill Chloe?  Chloe cheated on Lucas so it shouldn't matter to her if Kate tried to kill Chloe.  If Maggie focused on Kate setting her up instead of focusing on what happened to Chloe, her anger would make more sense.

Chloe had some nerve to judge Nicole for lying about Sydney being her child.  Chloe cheated on Lucas and lied to him for months so she was no one to judge.  What got us was when she asked Nicole if she thought she would get away with what she did.  Chloe thought she would get away with what she did to Lucas.

Do the writers want us to think that Melanie is great or what?  Now she has the guys interested in her as if she's the only single woman in Salem.

It's amazing that Sami doesn't feel anything when she's with Sydney.  Whenever Mia was around Grace she felt a connection to her.  Guess it's not important for Sami to feel anything for Sydney until the truth comes out.  Then she will suddenly feel connected to her.

EJ was such a hypocrite when he was talking to Lexie about the women who lie to him.  We didn't realize that EJ turned into the pillar of honesty just because Nicole lied to him.  He has done his fair share of lying and scheming so he's not the saint he thinks he is.

Nicole had some nerve blaming Brady for why EJ found out the "truth" about Sydney.  Brady was crazy enough to help her, but she still blamed him for it coming out.  Leave it to Nicole to forget everything Brady was willing to do for her when push came to shove.

We could have thrown something at Brady when he said he would still help her.  Even after Nicole blamed him for her losing EJ, he still wanted to help her.  He really is a sucker, isn't he?

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Page updated 6/12/12

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