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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/28/09 - 10/2/09

Why did it matter to Will who Mia gave her baby to?  He was giving her the third degree about the baby as if he was going to get the baby back for her.

If Meredith wanted to kill Rafe, she could have just killed him.  She didn't have to talk to him about what she was going to do.  She was a talkative killer just like in the movies.  We all know what happens to talkative killers.

The writers continued to go overboard to make Chloe look like the good one for leaving Lucas.  She had to go to the one priest who keeps kissing her behind to get her annulment.  We were ready to throw something at the television when she told Father Matt that her marriage to Lucas wasn't real.  She had to spend too much time taking care of Lucas and Allie so it wasn't a real marriage.  Well no one told her to go through with the wedding.  She had the option not to go through with the wedding.

Why did Daniel think Victor would understand that he wanted to marry Chloe?  Daniel knows that Victor doesn't like Chloe so the last thing he was going to be happy about is their getting married.  Did Daniel expect Victor to roll out the red carpet for them just because they were getting married?

Mia should have known that Chad was going to want to know where his baby was when he found out about the pregnancy.  She could have tried to rationalize why she kept the baby from him all she wanted to, but that didn't change the fact that she kept the truth from him.

Chloe makes us want to bar with her martyr act.  Whenever she goes along with the person who insults her, it rings false.  We know she didn't think Victor was right when he said she wasn't worth being with.  She wanted Victor to look like a monster in Daniel's eyes for insulting her.

Mia is really full of herself.  She thought that Chad would want to forget about his baby if she got back together with him.  We didn't realize that she was that great that she could offer herself in exchange for his baby.

The writers must think that the father of a baby doesn't have any rights to the baby.  the writers make it seem as if Chad wouldn't have a say with Mia's baby.  We don't like the message that the writers are sending.  Mia shouldn't have been able to give Chad's baby away without his permission.

Why does Nicole keep letting EJ boss her around?  Just because he's mad at her that doesn't mean he has the right to order her around.  When she wanted to go out, he made her stay until she toasted Stefano and Kate's marriage.

It shouldn't have been a surprise to Brady that Nicole didn't care that her lie about him being back on drugs would ruin him.  Nicole has proven over and over that she only worries about herself.  Nicole even had the moxie to tell Brady to think about her losing her daughter over him losing his job. If he had a backbone, he would have put himself first.

It was a good thing EJ hired a professional follow Nicole.  The guy EJ hired taped Nicole and Brady's conversation.  EJ got to hear Nicole confess to having a miscarriage.  We didn't think EJ would have heard that much of the conversation.

It's hard to believe that Nicole didn't realize she could lose everything if the truth came out.  She didn't need Brady tot ell her that her life could be over if EJ found out.  Did she really think life was going to be smooth sailing and that EJ would never find out what she did to him.

The jig was partially up for Nicole. He showed her a pregnancy belly and gave her a chance to explain herself.  She lied about why she had the belly by saying she wanted to have it for maternity clothes.  He crunched her face by playing the tape of her confessing to the miscarriage.  She lied and said the miscarriage was a few years ago.  He figured out the night she had the miscarriage.  He put two and two together and remember the way she was acting the night she lost the baby.  It took him long enough to figure it out.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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