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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/21/09 - 9/25/09

Why would Lucas be expected to be a saint and help Chloe find Daniel?  Chloe cheated on Lucas.  Why would he want to help her find Daniel?

Hope was so tacky to tell Bo that she was leaving him the way she did.  She made him think that he was going on vacation with her and Ciara only to slap him in the face by saying he wasn't going.  He had a right to be in his daughter's life.  She had some nerve taking Ciara away because of the tension between her and Bo.  She didn't want to try and work things out.  She just wanted to run.

We enjoyed seeing Bo tell Hope off for trying to ruin their marriage.  She is always the one who wants to walk out on him instead of making their marriage work.

Kate had a lot of gall to give Stefano a hard time when he wanted her to honor the agreement to marry him.  She was the one who needed the help so she didn't need to give him an attitude when it came to what he wanted from her.

What made Kate think that she wouldn't have to explain why she was going to marry Stefano?  Her kids were not going to be understanding of her being with Stefano.

Why would Brady go to the pub?  He knows that Arianna works there so you would think that eh wouldn't want to see her.

Philip must have his priorities mixed up.  He got mad at Brady for getting Kate involved with trying to kill Chloe. If Kate didn't try to kill Chloe, she wouldn't have to worry about being in trouble with the law.

The writers want the audience to root for Daniel and Chloe's love so badly that they had Father Matt give Chloe his seal of approval to run off with another man.  We were under the impression that Catholics frowned upon divorce.  Guess it's okay when Chloe does it.

Lucas was being a jerk to Maggie again.  He ripped her a new one for keeping Daniel and Chloe's affair a secret, but he didn't do anything to Kate.  Kate kept him in the dark about the affair and she tried to kill Chloe.  In our books, that makes Kate worse than Maggie.

We enjoyed seeing Victor give Kate a hard time for what she did to Daniel.  It was even funnier when he picked on her about getting married to Stefano.

Kate had the nerve to blame Victor for why she had to marry Stefano.  She thought that she would have been in the clear if he helped her.  Once again somebody is not taking responsibility for their own actions.  If Kate didn't try to kill Chloe or hurt Daniel, she wouldn't have had to agree to marry Stefano.

We liked how Maggie put Kate in her place for using her.  At first we didn't understand Maggie's anger towards Kate, but once she mentioned how Kate used her to set up Daniel, we totally agreed with her.

Sami confronted Lucas about his drinking.  Lucas didn't want to hear what she had to say.  Sami drew out the big guns by threatening to keep Allie away from her.  He promised to stop drinking, but that wasn't enough for Sami.  She wanted him to go to rehab.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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