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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/14/09 - 9/18/09

Stefano was right to call Kate out for her holier than thou attitude.  She has done her fair share of evil things so she was in no position to judge Stefano.

Arianna told Roman that Brady took drugs and knows where they come from.  We didn't realize that Brady was an expert on drugs just because he took them.

We liked how Sami defended Rafe when Nicole tried to get her not to trust him.  Nicole just knew that her plan was going to work.  Sami refused to think the worst in Rafe just because she thought he was delusional.

Arianna must really be stuck on herself.  First she makes rules that Brady isn't supposed to look at her whenever he saw her, and then she wants him to look at her.  She should have made up her mind about what she wanted.

Sami said Will was staying with Lucas for why she could stay at the convent.  She didn't make any reference to him being with Lucas before.  Now when she wants to stay at the convent, Will's suddenly with Lucas.  That was obviously thrown in there so she wouldn't looked like she abandoned Will.

Rafe must love looking like the hero.  Arianna suggested that he tell Sami about investigating Nicole so they could work together.  Oh no! He couldn't do that.  He had to wait until he had proof before he said something.  It would have made more sense to tell Sami the truth instead of keeping her in the dark.

Mia actually told Will about being pregnant.  We expected that to be dragged out for a while.  She didn't tell him about Sydney being "her" baby, but she told part of the secret.

Daniel was nowhere near as smart as he thought he was when he set up Kate to confess to what she did to Chloe.  He managed to get a bug in a pen and hid it in his pants pocket.  Kate didn't notice and ended up confessing to what she did.  We don't know what made him think she would let him get away with that.  He shouldn't have been so willing to gloat to her that he taped the confession.  He had the chance to get out of the hotel room before she attacked him, but he had to play the confession to her.  All he did was give her time to come up with a way to get the better of him.

Rafe got a break when he overheard Brady and Nicole were talking about Mia telling Will the truth.  He got to hear that she had a miscarriage.  We really thought he wasn't going to hear anything when he wasn't able to hear everything they said. He did get to hear the important part.  The irony was she didn't want Brady to say anything, but she ended up telling on herself.  Rafe heard her say that she had a miscarriage.

Nicole went overboard chastising Mia for telling Will about Mia's baby.  Mia told her that Will wouldn't say anything, but that wasn't enough for her.  There's no way for EJ to piece together that Mia gave Nicole the baby even if Will told him that Mia was pregnant so Nicole was in the clear.

Chloe finally woke up.  Lucas ripped into her for lying to him.  Lexie had to stop him from yelling at Chloe.  The first chance she got, she defended Daniel.  It was such a waste to have Lucas confront her about the affair.  We wanted her to be the one to say something.

EJ must have been going for irony when he implied that Sami was a liar.  He hasn't been honest about the things he's done so he was in no position to criticize Sami.

What made Chloe think that her telling Lucas that she never meant to hurt him was supposed to let her off the hook for what she did to him>  She still cheated on him so it didn't matter that she never meant to hurt him.

Stefano should have kicked Kate out of his house instead of being willing to help her with her Daniel/Chloe problem.  She was a witch to him when she saw him at the pub, but when she was in danger, she needed his help.

Chloe had some nerve expecting Lucas to understand how she was with Daniel.  If the shoe were on the other foot; she would not have understood him being with another woman.  She didn't understand why he was keeping secrets for Sami and they didn't even do anything.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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