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The Days of Our Lives Articles Pages

2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/7/09 - 9/11/09

How convenient was it that a passerby thought that Sidney looked like Sami?  No one else has noticed how much she looked like Sami before.

Why were the candy stripers watching Philip and Melanie's sex tape for so long?  they must have liked what they saw.  

We were not buying Stephanie's "pain" when she found out about Philip and Melanie.  She already accused her of sleeping with Philip so finding out that it happened shouldn't have made her so mad. She should have expected it.

What was the point of Dr. Baker having three letters sent out busting Nicole?  Once again Nicole got away with what she did.  She was able to rip the letter and flush it in the toilet without Rafe finding it.  Her nickname must be lucky since she is always a step ahead of her.

Stephanie dumped Philip for the umpteenth time.  She didn't want to give him a chance to explain what he did with Melanie.  Since he lied to Stephanie's face, she never wants to forgive him.  We'll give her a couple of months before she's ready to be with him again.

We couldn't believe what we heard Sami say about Nicole.  She told Rafe that she trusts Nicole completely.  We could have been bought with a quarter when she defended Nicole.  Sami of all people should know that Nicole is not trustworthy.  She was the main one telling Rafe and EJ that Nicole isn't trustworthy, but now she is.  Sami is going to be in for a rude awakening when the truth comes out about Nicole.

If it wasn't bad enough that Nicole got Sami's letter, she ended up getting her hands on Mia's letter too.  She conveniently had the keys to Maggie's house from when she was married to Lucas.  Maggie didn't bust her the way she did Chad.  She was able to get Mia's letter, but Mia busted her.  Nicole as able to come up with a lie to get out of it.  Nicole lied and said she had a restraining order against her an she wanted it back.  Nicole was able to convince Mia to give her the letter.  We were ready to reach through the television and strangle Mia for not even opening the letter.

Philip and Stephanie didn't take the time to ask Bo about Ciara being home.  When they went to see Bo, they were only worried about themselves.  They could have taken a few minutes to worry about Bo.

It's amazing how Rafe keeps getting pictures of Nicole.  He is never seen taking her picture, but he always has a different picture of her.

Victor confronted Arianna with the fact that she's  drug dealer.  He had Arianna investigated and "found out" she's a drug dealer.  He wanted her to break up with Brady in order to keep his silence about what she does. 

The writers are rewriting why Sami and Rafe broke up. Rafe broke up with Sami because of the letter Meredith wrote to Sami, yet Nicole said they broke up because of her.  The writers can't even keep the story straight.

Why would Hope give Dean the reward money as if the money was hers?  What if Victor wanted the money back?  What would she done then?

Why would Marlena take Johnny and Allie to Switzerland?   There was no mention of them being in Switzerland.  Also, how did they get there?  Sami, EJ, and Lucas didn't take them and no one said anything about Marlena being with in town.

Hope's face gave it away that she was on to Dean.  When Ciara whispered to her that Dean was the kidnapper, Hope wore it all over her face that she knew.  She should have acted as if she didn't know anything.  She could have worn a sign that said "I know you did it" since Dean knew that she was on to him.

When did Hope have $5 million in her account?  Bo asked Justin if he got the money from Hope's account.  If Hope had millions of dollars in her account, why did Victor have to pay the ransom?  She could have gotten the money herself.  Perhaps she wanted to hold on to her money while Victor used his.

It was so typical of Dean to blame Bo for why he went after Hope.  He told her that if Bo gave him the ransom money, he wouldn't have gone after her.  That was one more thing that Hope will blame Bo for doing.

Brady told Sami that he was her big brother.  The last time we checked, Sami was older than Brady.  Roman and Marlena had Sami and Eric before John and Isabella had Brady.

Justin conveniently showed up at Bo and Hope's house when Dean was there.  Hope signaled him that someone was there by making reference to cooking.  He got the hint and broke in the house. Instead of leaving, Hope stayed in the house and watched them fight.  She told Ciara to go upstairs so she could get her gun.  Dean was too fast for her and kicked her out of the way.  That wouldn't have happened if she got out of the house instead of trying to play hero.

Hope took the time to make sure Justin was okay when he got shot, but she didn't make sure Bo was okay when he was hit in the head a couple of weeks ago.

Roman took the time to try and make Bo feel better about what's going on with Hope.  Everyone else who talks to Bo makes him look like the bad guy.  Roman tried to crack jokes with Bo to lighten the moment.

Hope tried to play hero again and tried to take the gun from Dean.  Instead of leaving the house when Hope told her to, she stayed there and watched them fight.  Ciara is just like Hope when it concerns their safety.  They would rather endanger their lives instead of leaving.

Will broke up with Mia because of the secret she's keeping.  He flat out asked her what the secret was, but she did want to tell him.  She knew how he reacted when Sami kept the secret about Grace being her "biological" daughter so she should have told him about the baby.  She knows how high and mighty Will is when it concerns the truth so that was the time to say something.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/12/12

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