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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/31/09 - 9/4/09

Nicole better be lucky that Stefano is on her side.  He is always able to come up with lies whenever EJ "busts" her.  You would think that Nicole would be able to come up with better lies than she does.

I certainly didn't take Nathan long to think that Daniel tried to kill Chloe.  Nathan practically kissed p to Daniel when he started at the hospital, but the first chance he got, he all but accused him of murder.

Why did it shock Lucas that Kate would have been happy that Chloe could die?  It wasn't that long ago when he thought that Kate tried to kill her.  Now it's so appalling that she would want Chloe to die.

Kate's horns were showing when she tried to convince Lucas to pull he plug on Chloe.  She was a little too eager for him to pull the plug for her, Lucas wasn't as suspicious as he should have been.

Why would Daniel take the time to sit and look at Chloe when time was running out for her?  Since he's convinced he's the only doctor who can save her, he should have rushed to give her the drug.

Why didn't Nicole warn Stefano sooner that Dr. Baker wrote down what she did to Sami?  If she said something sooner, eh wouldn't have had Dr. Baker killed.

Why would Brady and Arianna make out outside of Victor's house?  We're pretty sure that Victor has enough rooms in the house that they could have used.

We were cheering Stefano on when he ripped into Nicole for worrying about herself if the truth comes out.  All she cared about was what was going to happen to her if it comes out.  She didn't think about Stefano.  If you ask us, Nicole and Stefano would deserve to feel EJ's wrath since they both chose to lie to him.

Rafe should have told Sami about Nicole's connection to Dr. Baker.  She might have been able to figure out that Nicole was hiding something about Dr. Baker.  He didn't need to keep her in the dark about Nicole and Dr. Baker.

When did Victor get involved in drug dealing?  We didn't realize that he would be involved in something like that.  Hopefully this won't mean that he's leaving the show.

We are bored with Philip and Stephanie's relationship.  Seeing them happy is nauseating.  Philip has more fire with Melanie than he does with Stephanie.

Why was Maggie so happy that Chloe was out of her coma?  She knows what she did to Lucas so she shouldn't have been so happy to see her.  Besides, she didn't care about Daniel's feelings so why care about Chloe's?

We don't understand Hope's bitterness towards Bo.  Ciara is home now so there was no point to her attitude towards him.  If the girl was hurt because of Bo's actions, then her attitude would have been understandable.  Since Ciara is okay, she could let go of the anger.  It's so painful seeing Bo try to make things right with her only to be shot down.

We are sick of the writers tyring to make Lucas look like the bad guy in his storyline.  The writers must have thought we would side with Chloe just because Lucas says how he hates her while she's in a coma.  Sorry, writers.  It doesn't work that way.  We didn't forget what she did to Lucas just because she's in a coma.  Lucas has a right to be upset with her after what she did to him.

Why would Will expect Mia to get extra money from her mother?  Mia is staying with Maggie instead of her mother so it's likely that she wouldn't go to her for money.

EJ practically rubbed it in Lexie's face that Stefano trusts him with every aspect of his life.  Way to rub Lexie's nose in the fact that Stefano doesn't confide in her.

Sami should have been suspicious of Nicole allowing her to spend time with Sidney.  Any other time Nicole doesn't want her with Sidney.  Sami should have been weary of Nicole's motives.

It was very convenient that Mia had to put all of her things down in order to pick up Kinsey's pocketbook.  It gave Chad easy access to take her keys.  Mia could have put her keys in her bag instead of on top of her bag.

It was so easy for Nicole to get her hands on Sami's certified letter.  Sami left with Sidney which left Nicole in Sami's house to get the letter.  As usual, Nicole got away with something else.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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