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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/24/09 - 8/28/09

It's weird how Hope thinks so little of Bo's visions when they don't go the way she wants them to, but if he doesn't tell her, she's mad at him.  No wonder Bo didn't know what to do about the visions.

In case we didn't mention it last week, we are really enjoying Bo and Hope's performances.  Peter and Kristian are doing terrific jobs with this kidnapping story.

Why weren't the Bradys and Hortons looking for Ciara?  They should all know she's missing, but the majority of them weren't looking for her.  They went about their business as if nothing happened.

Rafe could have helped the police look for Ciara with his trusty computer.  He could have waited to find dirt on Dr. Baker.  Nicole wasn't going anywhere so Rafe could have helped the police.

Hope acted as if Bo wasn't going through enough problems with Ciara being missing.  She had to put the extra stink on it by telling him that she would never forgive him for not paying the ransom.  Hope wasn't the only one worried about Ciara.

Where did EJ disappear to when Sydney was getting tested?  He was determined to get the test done, but he was nowhere to be found until the test was finished.  He made it so easy for Stefano to have the results changed.

Lucas is a tool.  He told Will that he should be with his friends when he wanted to be with Caroline.  At least he was willing to comfort Caroline about Ciara.  Will's friends shouldn't have been more important than his own cousin.

Mia should have known better than to get in a car with a drunk driver.  She is not a baby so she should have heard about getting in a car with a drunk driver.  Just because she didn't want to get in the car with Chad that didn't mean she should have risked her life with Kinsey.

Dean is sick.  He killed Kyle and Brenda so he could take care of Hope on his own.  Most likely he planned on getting them out of the way all along.  Brenda went so far as to reason with him about leaving Salem, but it didn't work.  She stood there and watched him kill her brother.  What made her think he would have spared her?

We were happy to see a Lumi sighting this week.  If the writers have given up on Sami and Rafe, they could put Lumi back together.

Hope didn't even take the time to check on Bo when Kyle woke up and hit him on the head.  He picked up a log and hit Bo in the head.  All she did was scream his name and point her gun at Kyle.  Dean had to help Bo or else he could have died.  After Kyle died, she didn't make sure that Bo was okay.  Dean had to do it.  She went outside with Ciara and thanked him for saving Ciara.  He also saved Bo, but she didn't thank him for that.

It was surprising to us that Brady would defend Lucas to Daniel when he called Lucas a wimp.  Brady reminded Daniel that he was in no position to insult Lucas.  At least someone took the time to remember that Daniel is not the saint he pretends to be.

Why did Philip and Stephanie go to the Cheating Heart once Ciara was found? They could have gone to the hospital to check on her instead of drinking and talking about themselves.  That's why we didn't believe for one second that they cared that she was found.

Craig finally showed up at the hospital for Chloe.  You would think that he would have been there by now.  We wonder what took him s long to show up.

The writers didn't take the time to explain why Nancy didn't come back to Salem with Craig.  Chloe is her daughter, but she didn't take the time to come and she her.  The writers could have had Craig come up with a flimsy excuse to justify why she wasn't there.  At least Nancy would have had a reason for not being there.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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