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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/17/09 - 8/21/09

Leave it to Stephanie to think that talking to Melanie about Nathan would fix things?  what magic words could she have come up with to make Melanie feel better about her possibly stealing Nathan from her?

If Stephanie doesn't like when Melanie is mad at her, why did she take the risk of accusing her of sleeping with Philip before?  Now that Stephanie has messed up, now she cares if Melanie is mad at her.  The writers were going to do anything they could to make Stephanie the good one in this situation.

Philip wanted to quit working for Victor because he was sick of doing his dirty work.  It's hard to believe that this is the same person who got drunk when Victor fired him.  Guess he's only okay with losing the Kiriakis fortune when it's on his terms.

Why would Arianna fill the bags of drugs in the pub?  What if Caroline walked in and caught her filling the bags?  If she did, there was nothing Arianna could have done about it.

Why was the carnival still going on after Ciara was kidnapped?  The police should have said something in case another child got kidnapped.  Besides if Ellen was still there, it's likely that it could happen again.

Why do the writers go overboard having Melanie say things like "I'm trying to be a better person"?  Are they trying to convince the audience that she's a better person than she is?  That's the way it looks to us.  They must think that the more she says it, the more we'll believe it.

Speaking of Melanie, it wasn't right that Philip led her on like that.  He knew that he still loved Stephanie yet he told her that she was the only one for him.  Melanie doesn't deserve that no matter how annoying she can be.

Hope couldn't wait to blame Bo for why Ciara was kidnapped.  He tried to make her feel better when she kept blaming herself, yet she couldn't wait to blame him.  Well she didn't blame him per se, but she blamed the fact that he is a Brady and a Kiriakis for why the DiMeras would have taken Ciara.  It's a shame that Hope was willing to throw Bo under the bus in order to relieve herself of guilt.

Bo and Hope must not have spent much time with Ciara that the writers had to recreate a scene with the three of them together.  It was Zack's birthday in the flashback and Bo, Hope, and Ciara was pretty generous to Hope considering she's never there for her.  Hopefully Ciara will be a better mother than Hope.

Why would Philip take the risk of taking Stephanie back?  All she ever does is dump him so why would he want to go through that again?  He should know by now that he can't live up to her high standards.

The writers tried to manipulate us again with Nicole.  When she and EJ were talking about Ciara's kidnapping, she acted as if she was so distraught.  She even went to far as to say how it's terrible for a parent to have their child taken away from them.  That was so rich of Nicole to say that when she did the same thing to Sami.  If that wasn't bad enough, EJ had the nerve to say his heart went out to the Bradys.  Since when does EJ care about what the Bradys are going through?

Why would Lucas care if Kate knew about Ciara's kidnapping?  Kate is not related to Ciara so why did it matter if she knew?  Also, how was it he was the last one to know about the kidnapping when everyone else knew?

Dean revealed his motive for going after Ciara.  He blamed Hope for why he wanted revenge.  He blamed her for why he didn't get promoted to detective.  He felt that she got it because of who she knows.  It's too bad Hope doesn't know since she has no problem blaming Bo for the kidnapping.  We can see her blaming him throughout this story.

Philip had a lot of nerve expecting Melanie not to tell Stephanie that they had sex.  He took advantage of her and dumped her, but she was supposed to keep quiet.  She is a better person than we are because we would have sold him out.

Stefano was crazy to go along with Nicole's schemes.  She couldn't wait to throw him under the bus if she goes down.  She forgot about the things he did to help her.  He needs to sell her out before she gets the chance to make him look bad.

If you look outside your window, you might see a pig flying.  EJ actually showed that his brain is functioning.  He potentially put a monkey wrench in Nicole's scheme by wanting to get Sydney tested to make sure nothing is wrong with her.  He wouldn't let Nicole's "veto" stop him from getting the test done. We know by next week Nicole will be rescued again, but at least EJ was a step closer to being on to her.

The opinions in these articles are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV MegaSite or its other volunteers.

Page updated 6/12/12

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