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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/3/09 - 8/7/09

You would think that Meredith would have been suspicious of Stefano since he kept asking her about Emily so much.  If he did honestly send for her some other reason, he wouldn't have been talking to her about what she should do about Rafe.

Kate tried to sneak out of Victor's mansion.  What was the point of that?  Victor could have have sold her out from anywhere.  She didn't have to be under his roof to say something about what she did to Chloe.

We are really getting sick of Daniel acting as if Lucas was the bad one when he had the affair with Chloe.  We did not forget that Daniel was the one who ruined Lucas' relationship with Chloe.

How did the news about Chloe and Daniel's affair spread so fast?  Did someone put the news in the Salem Spectator as soon as Lucas found out the truth?  Sami found out the truth about the affair too, but who took the time to tell her?

Victor hit the nail on the head when he told Kate about herself.  He told her how she only wanted to kill Chloe because of Daniel.  He was so right about that.  He told her what we were all thinking.  She wasn't worried bout Lucas at all.  She wanted to make Daniel pay for wanting Chloe.

It's too bad that Hope had to walk in on Kate and speak to her while she was telling Chloe how she "had to do it."  If Hope kept quiet, she might have heard Kate confess to what she did.

We have a feeling that Arianna is involved in drugs for a "noble' reason.  We're pretty sure that she isn't taking them for herself so she is probably helping people with the drugs.

We are glad that Hope is finally starting to get suspicious of Kate.  We were really afraid that no one was going to be suspicious of her besides Daniel.  Maybe Hope will be a thorn in Kate's side and she might get caught.

We loved how Lucas confronted Kate about what she did to him.  Kate had it coming.  We don't want to get too excited because Lucas always ends up forgiving her anyway.

If Kate really wanted Daniel, then she shouldn't have dumped him in the first place.  Daniel might not have been with Chloe if she didn't leave him.  She only has herself to blame that he doesn't want her anymore.

Just because Nicole is going behind EJ's back and telling Sami what he's doing that doesn't change what she's done to Sami.  In fact, we think that it's worse for her to do that because she has done something worse than what EJ is doing now.

Why did Will make such a big deal about Mia's "secret"?  He shouldn't have been so surprised that she had sex with Chad.  Also, Will and Mia aren't a couple so what difference did it make that she was with Chad

We can't wait for EJ to find out what Nicole did to him and Sami.  She kept defending Sami to him as if she isn't the reason why he wants to make her pay.

Nicole was really nervy to expect EJ to forgive Sami for what she's done after everything she's done.  Was she trying to make sure that EJ forgives her for what she has done to him?

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Page updated 6/12/12

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