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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/27/09 - 7/30/09

The Razzie Award for least convincing performance goes to Kate.  She was so unconvincing when she was pretending to care so much about Chloe's condition.  She even went so far as to bring on the water works while she was trying to convince Bo and Hope that she was worried about her.

Maybe it's time for Maggie to stop gossiping so much.  She was the reason why Lucas had a motive to kill Chloe.  She shouldn't have mentioned how she told Lucas about the affair Chloe had with Daniel.

It was so convenient how Kate had to be the one who had to see Chloe first.  It was obvious that a family member had to be with Chloe so that she could "will" her to die.

The Keystone cops of Salem must really think that Daniel is stupid.  He wouldn't take the risk and leave a bottle of poison with his prints on it in his apartment.  That would be an open invitation for an arrest.

Sami really is her own worst enemy.  She didn't have to interrogate Meredith to find out about Rafe.  Rafe didn't want to tell Sami everything for a reason so she should stop trying to play amateur detective.  She will deserve it if she finds something out that she doesn't want to know or if Rafe dumps her.

Maybe Victor should join the police force.  He was able to figure out that Kate poisoned Chloe.  It didn't take him long to figure out what Kate did and he didn't need to know any of the evidence.

We thought that Victor's comments about Chloe were hilarious.  Victor wasn't about to be a hypocrite and say how devastated he was that she was in a coma.  We were cracking up listening to him talking about her.

When did Victor change his opinion about Daniel?  Victor was practically through with Daniel when he kept defending Chloe to him.  Daniel was upset with Victor about his insults to Chloe so when did Victor decide that he was ready to protect him again?

Why is Rafe dragging his feet with the secret about Emily?  According to his story, he accidentally kill Emily so what is the big deal?  He doesn't have to keep acting as if he still has a big secret.

Is Nicole an idiot or what?  She asked Chloe what happened to her.  The last time we checked, Chloe was in a coma.  There was no way that Chloe was going to answer her.

It's about time that Lucas was able to confront Daniel after what he did.  Daniel has been acting so self-righteous considering he was having an affair with a woman who was engaged.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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