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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/20/09 - 7/24/09

As much as we enjoy seeing Rafe with his shirt off, was it really necessary for him to take it off to fix the air conditioner?  What did he think was going to happen to it if he wore it?  Is the shirt a family heirloom that can't get dirty?

What good does it do for EJ to catch Stefano and Nicole together when he never hears what they say?  It is a waste of time for EJ to be suspicious for nothing.  He is never going to figure out what they are up to without someone confessing to it.

Sami asked Rafe how he dealt with losing Emily.  Did she forget that she has dealt with it before too?  She thought that her parents were dead a few times and she has lost her grandfather so she knows what it's like to lose someone.

Wasn't that convenient how Sami ran into Emily's sister this week?  What were the odds that Meredith would have been at Sami's special hiding place at the same time she was there?

Why is Chris getting more airtime than the vets on the show?  Chris is not even an actor, but he's getting shown more than some of the vets on the show.  We don't mind seeing him, but not at the expense of the vets.

If Chloe wanted to be with Daniel, then she shouldn't have married Lucas. She could have left him and moved on with Daniel.  Lucas didn't force her to marry him so she didn't have to go through with marrying him.

We thought it was so funny when Bo thought that Chris was a woman.  Bo seems to be the only person who thinks that Chris sounds like a woman.

Now that Bo and Hope know that Daniel and Chloe had an affair, we wonder how long it will be before the news gets back to Lucas?  Maggie or Kate should have told Lucas the truth again so he wouldn't look like a fool since more people know about.

Daniel's idea of being a doctor is just holding a person's hand.  All Daniel did was hold Chloe's hand when she had her seizures.  Talk about being a great doctor.

Kate couldn't have been more obvious that she didn't care about what happened to Chloe, but Bo, Hope, and Maggie didn't pick up on it.  Why would she care about what happened to Chloe when she cheated on Lucas?

It would be Kate's fault if Lucas starts drinking again.  She shouldn't have tried to kill Chloe because that might make Lucas want to drink.

Stephanie didn't want to be with Philip so she didn't have a right to be mad that he could have been with Melanie.  Stephanie had her chance to be with Philip, but she didn't want him anymore.  She only has herself to blame when he moves on with his life.

As annoying as Melanie can be, she was right on the money when she told Stephanie off.  Stephanie didn't have a right to judge Melanie considering she is not perfect herself.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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