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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/13/09 - 7/17/09

Kate needs to stop wasting her time trying to kill Chloe.  She has already tried and failed so she needs to give up on that plan.  It's like watching a character from Looney Tunes trying to catch Bugs Bunny.  Kate would be better off just telling Lucas about Chloe's affair instead of trying to kill her.  That way Chloe could remain the bad guy instead of Kate.

Isn't it a little too soon for Sami to ask Rafe to move in with her?  They haven't been together for that long.  Could it be that Sami asked him because she isn't still over what happened to Grace?  Maybe Sami wanted Rafe close by so she could have easier access to his things so she can search them.  Right, she might also need him around to help pay the bills. LOL!

Stephanie really needs to grow up.  She wouldn't talk to Philip at first when he called her.  She could have told Philip that she didn't want to talk to him anymore instead of just ignoring his phone calls all together.  She is going to deserve it when Philip gets tired of begging her to take him back and moves on with his life.

Sami didn't have a connection to Sydney while she was holding her.  Mia kept feeling drawn to Grace when she was around her, but Sami didn't feel that way towards Sydney.

It's obvious that Daniel needs to find more people to talk to in Salem.  Why would he confess his affair with Chloe to Brady?  It would have made more sense for him to talk to Lexie about the affair.  She is practically an expert on the subject since she's had a couple of affairs too.

Didn't Chloe have a lot of nerve getting jealous that Daniel could be seeing another woman?  She is with Lucas so it wouldn't be her business if Daniel were seeing another woman.  Does Chloe expect Daniel to pine over her for the rest of his life?

What has happened to Philip's hair?  It looks like he's wearing a wig.  Did he get a bad haircut and the-powers-that-be decided to give him a wig to cover it up?  Has Jay been giving the hairstylists a hard time?

EJ acts as if he's the best parent in Salem, but it turns out that's not true.  He proved that he is just as bad as the other parents in Salem.  EJ wasn't watching Johnny or Sydney while they were at the park.  He was too busy talking to Will.  Anything could have happened to Johnny or Sydney while EJ was talking to Will.

Are the Bradys and the Hortons mad at Ciara?  There weren't too many of them at Ciara's birthday party.  It was really noticeable that Doug and Julie weren't there since Caroline was at the party.  Would it have been that much of a problem for the families to take the time to be there for Ciara?

Since Bo and Hope were worried about Ciara, you would think that they wouldn't have left her alone.  It was too easy for the stranger to approach Ciara.  Ellen (Tracey's mother) should also be ashamed of herself since she didn't make sure that Ciara was with her when she chased after her daughter.  What would they have done if the stranger kidnapped Ciara?

It's time for the-powers-that-be to talk to the actress who plays Melanie.  It's time for her to go to rehab because she is obviously on something.  She could barely get through her scenes this week.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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