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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/6/09 - 7/10/09

Wasn't it a little too soon for Arianna to get promoted to manager of the Brady Pub?  She was only at the pub for a little while so she shouldn't have been promoted so fast.

Sami wouldn't have liked it at all if Rafe looked through his wallet.  She would have went ballistic if he snooped through her things so she wasn't right to do that to Rafe either.

Is there some reason why Rafe can't just tell Sami the truth about Emily?  He already knows the bad things she's done so why can't he tell her the truth?  Right.  The writers want to give Ejami fans some hope which is why Rafe conveniently has a big secret that he is keeping from Sami.

Bo shouldn't be okay with Max marrying Chelsea.  Max is Bo's brother regardless if it's not by blood.  Why are the writers overlooking the fact that Max is a Brady too?  Chelsea shouldn't be marrying her uncle.  She will be Bo's daughter and sister-in-law.

EJ went overboard trying to prove that he is the perfect dad.  He suddenly wanted to spend time with Johnny.  He forgot all about Johnny when Sydney was born.  Now all of a sudden he wants to spend time with Johnny.  He forgot about Sydney once he decided that he wanted to take Johnny away from Sami.

We don't care how badly Stefano treats Nicole.  She is still the bad one in the baby switch storyline.  She was the one who started the mess because she took the baby in the first place.  No one forced Nicole to take Sami's baby.  She had the gall to tell Stefano that she could see why Sami wanted to keep her daughter from EJ.  Give us a break!  If she cared that much, she would give Sami's baby back to her.

Nicole signed up for EJ's wrath so we didn't feel sorry for her when EJ yelled at her again.  She got what she deserved when he screamed at her for talking to Sami about Johnny.  We hope that EJ will continue to yell at her every chance he gets.

Stephanie was really stupid to tell Nicole that she might testify against EJ.  She should have known that Nicole was going to run to EJ and tell him what she was going to do.

Can you believe that the writers wasted air time on the scenes at the cabin?  Brady, Arianna, Melanie, and Nathan's scenes were the epitome of boredom.

What side of the fence is Hope on?  One minute she tells Bo that she doesn't believe his visions and the next minute she believes him. It's no wonder Bo didn't want to tell Hope about the visions he had before.  She is a lightswitch when it comes to his visions.

Nicole kept trying to convince EJ that he shouldn't take Johnny from Sami.  We are not convinced that she feels that way at all.   The writers just want to go out of their way to make Nicole redeemable, but it's too late as far as we're concerned.  Do the writers really think that if Nicole talks EJ out of taking Johnny from Sami the audience will forget that she stole Sami's baby?  Nice try, but that manipulative little trick will not work on us.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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