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2009 Our Opinion!

6/29/09 - 7/3/09

When did EJ become father of the year?  He wants to take Johnny from Sami as if he's the greatest parent ever.  He hardly spends time with Johnny so he's no better than Sami.

We liked how Bo told Hope about the vision he of Zack.  He stuck to his promise to tell Hope about his visions.  We know that Bo would never hear the end of it if he didn't say anything.

Does Sami want to keep Johnny or what?  You would think she would jump at the chance to tell the judge that EJ raped her as well as all of the other things EJ did to her family.

It's about time that the writers got started on Bo and Hope's storyline.  The writers said their story was going to start developing in June, but nothing was really happening until now.  Now it appears that a man is stalking Hope.  Maybe that will lead to a big storyline for Hope and Bo.

Wasn't that nervy of Chloe to tell Maggie how she is always thinking about Daniel?  What kind of woman tells her husband's relative that she thinks of another man all of the time?  Right, Chloe is selfish so it shouldn't surprise us.

EJ had his chance to spend time with Johnny, but he chose to give him to his nanny.  He is the perfect person to have sole custody of Johnny.

Is Stephanie going for a record with how many times she keeps breaking up with Philip?  She is constantly dumping him and he needs to go off on her because of it.  This time she wants to break up because he found out about the drugs.  Who knows what reason she will use next time.  Philip needs to be the one to dump Stephanie for a change.

Kate's plan almost backfired again.  Allie almost ate the poisoned apple.  How many people in Kate's family have to be caught up in her plan before she realizes that she should give up this plan to kill Chloe.  Guess Will will be the next one that eats the food she poisons.

It's obvious that Kate is up to something.  You would think that Chloe would be suspicious of Kate's attitude and why she was so anxious for her to eat the apple from the fruit basket.

Did Lucas suddenly decide that he doesn't need AA anymore?  He didn't go to the meeting that Maggie and Brady was going to.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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