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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/22/09 - 6/26/09

It's a little too late for Nicole to feel guilty about what happened to Grace.  She can cry her fake tears all she wants.  It's not changing the horrible scheme she did to take Sami's baby from her.

Could it be a sign that Lucas and Sami might be heading towards reconciling?  Lucas wanted to stop talking to Will so he could be with Sami.  It's a small step, but it's one in the right direction.  We really hope it means that we don't have to give up hoping that Lucas and Sami will get back together.

We weren't the least bit surprised that Rafe didn't hear Nicole pouring her heart out about what she did to Sami.  She was very good to make sure to stop talking about her scheme once he was there.

If Sami wants to guarantee that she gets custody of Johnny, why doesn't she let the judge know that EJ raped her?  She could also tell the judge that he tricked her into staying married to him.  That is worse than what Sami did to him even though she is paying for keeping him in the dark about her baby.

Nicole had the gall to try and stop EJ from taking Johnny from Sami.  She also told EJ to forgive Sami.  She is obviously feeling guilty for what she did.  She deserves to feel like a piece of garbage after what she did.  What should we expect her to do next?  Is she going to feel so guilty that she's going to give Sydney back to Sami?  We didn't think so either.

You would think that Stephanie would have been willing to help Sami since she is her cousin.  Right, Stephanie has to listen to Philip no matter how wrong she is for not helping Sami.

We are really getting sick of watching Will have his attitude about Sami's secret.  We get it.  He is upset, but he was still "related" to Grace so he has no reason to be so upset with Sami.

Kate's reaction to Lucas eating the poisoned deviled egg should have raised a red flag.  She was acting so suspicious when she stopped him from eating it.

We are not buying how the writers are twisting the baby switch story so that Nicole ends up being the victim and Stefano is the bad guy.  Nicole is the one who threw down the gauntlet and switched the babies so she is the bad guy regardless of how much Stefano tells her to keep quiet about the babies.

It's always a good week for us when we get to see Bo and Hope on the show.  We were afraid that we weren't going to get to see them this week.

Do we dare get our hopes up that Rafe might find out about Nicole and Mia?  He seems suspicious of them.  Hopefully he won't give up suspecting them.

Is Lucas trying to push Daniel and Chloe closer together?  Why would he want Daniel to show up at their house?

After what Melanie did to Nick, why would Maggie defend her to Nathan?  She should take her nephew's side over Melanie's.  We couldn't believe she was defending her like that.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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