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2009 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/15/09 - 6/19/09

There was nothing stopping Sami from telling Will the truth about Grace sooner.  She could have told him and asked him to keep it quiet that she had a baby.  Will wouldn't have said anything.  

EJ is obviously back to being an idiot again.  Nicole practically told on herself when she seemed like she knew the truth about Grace.  Nicole didn't even try to get out of the mess she could have made.  EJ didn't even notice that Nicole didn't answer him when he asked her if she knew about Grace.  EJ's brain has obviously have left the building.

Nicole didn't need to be convinced that she is Sydney's "mother" before.  Now she needs Stefano to convince her that she is Sydney's "mother".  Why is she suddenly having doubts?

Sami should have told Will the truth bout Grace sooner.  She waited too long to say something so she shouldn't have been surprised that Will was upset with her from keeping the secret so long.

Nicole shouldn't wipe the sweat off of her brows just yet.  EJ is really upset about what Sami did so what makes her think that he won't treat her worse.  Nicole's lies and schemes were worse than what Sami did.

Now that Stephanie is dealing with the drama surrounding her kidnapping, you would think that Steve and Kayla would be in town.  They must be the worst parents in the world since they don't even want to be there for their daughter.

Since when did Maggie decide to run a halfway house?  She certainly is taking in a lot of people.  We didn't realize that Maggie's house was so big.

Stephanie didn't have any tact at all when she was talking to Max.  She told him how much she loves Philip and had to be with him.  Did she forget that she was with max not too long ago?  She could have had a little sensitivity and kept her feelings for Philip to herself.

How many times do we have to endure seeing Chloe's fantasies?  We get it.  Chloe is still hot for Daniel.  The writers don't need to keep shoving obvious fantasies at us.

The writers are really going overboard trying to make Melanie more likeable to the audience.  It's not working for us.  She is still annoying as she was before she "rescued" Stephanie.

Why is Brady still in Salem?  He doesn't really get anything to do but float around in other people's stories.  It's time for him to either get a storyline or be written out of the show.

Nicole is acting as if Stefano is the reason why she has to keep quiet about Sydney and Grace.  The writers are obviously trying to make Nicole look like the victim in the story now that Stefano knows the truth.

We don't understand why Roman and Bo have such a problem with Rafe.  Did he do something to them and we missed it?

Maybe Mia should consider telling Will the truth about her baby.  She sees how he is treating Sami because she didn't tell him about Grace.  Who knows how he will treat her if he finds out about her secret.

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Page updated 6/12/12

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